PartTimeFemale's forum advice


Yo i thought i might make a topic for advice from me on this forum.
And don’t tell me to sbyp becase i have not made this topic allready so it cant be a duplicate. I don’t care if someone else made something like this

te stuffs

If you don’t know if someone is online, tag them. Most pepole don’t mind being taged

If you need to fill the charecter limet than do <writestuffshere>
you can also use unicode spaces

Don’t over tag twice omtl in the same topic. Its against the rules of omtl and its anoing. I don’t care about whatever contest your doing and if i do the other 150+ pepole on that tag list don’t

I’m new here, pls help.
I'm new! Please help!!
I'm new to the forum!
Please help thank you

I didnt mean to post that




I ment to post it i just posted it early


oh kk


I definitely agree with the OMTL tagging one.


Good topic!
No one really mentions OMTL on their advice topics, so good job with that.


Those tips and advices are great and helpful! Great topic!