Parttimefemales backup


This is @PartTimeFemale s backup



i hope you aren’t a fake


I can conferm that this is my backup acount


ok good to know ;)))


You can conferm it but can you confirm it? I’m just kidding. I like how you spelled your name backwards.


Hello! I just noticed you used my drawing! Could you give credit in your bio?


Yeh i havent writen the bio for that acount yet case i’m lazy


I’m lazy too.
And a huge procrastinator.
My brothers throwing a tantrum right now. He’s yelling and crying and stuff.
Guess how old he is.
12, almost 13.


13 year olds are alowed to throw a tantrum


I throw tantrums, and I am twelve and three halves.

So I guess I’m younger than him


you guys throw tantrums…


Lol that’s what I took from that!


I throw tantrums and I’m 14 and negative four halves.


Yeh your never to old to throw a tantrum