Partner Competition Results!



After two months of suspense, judging, and awesome entries! I have finally decided who is victorious! There were five entries, and only four were qualified. The fifth one was a remix. I was kind of disappointed at the small number of entries, because the registration number was huge! Lots of people registered, but didn't enter a project. Alas, I chose the best out of these three with a rubric in hand.
And sorry this is late, I kind of forgot about this. :unamused:


Custom Color? (Out of 5) Custom colors are good to use.
Music? (Out of 10) Music is good.
Values? (Out of 10) Values are very valuable. (Quoted from Kiwicute2016)
Creative? (Out of 8) C'mon, who wants a cow wiggling around?
Forum? (Out of 10) Forum communication is extremely important. You have to be on the forum, and often.
Famous? (Out of 3) This is not a huge factor. I just wanted to put it here.
Overall? (Out of 15) Overall is me checking your profile, to see your projects overall.
Quality of each section will be included!

Rubric Results

So...Here are the rubric results for each of the contestants!

Custom Color- (4/5- I would've used a different custom color, but you still had a custom color.)
Music- (9/10-Great tune, but a bit too repetitive.)
Values- (8/10- You did use values, but the value seemed to be pushed in.)
Creative- (5/8- No comments.)
Forum- (0/10- This wasn't required, but was a huge section.)
Famous- (1/3- I don't want this to be a huge section, and you are kind of famous for inventing the 3D shading cone thing, great job.)
Overall- (8/15 maybe.)
Total- 35 out of 61

Custom Color- (5/5. No comments)
Music- (7/10. I like the ascending tune, but when your music descends its a bit edgy.)
Values- (10/10. Great job, drawing pads to require a great amount of values.)
Creative- (7/8. Creative, drawing pads are very common.)
Forum- (10/10. Yup, you're on the forum, and on the forum often.)
Famous- (2/3. You are a rising hopscotcher, and well known on the forum.)
Overall- (13/15. Good job.)
Total- 54 out of 61

Awesome Kitty
Custom Color- (5/5. Pretty background.)
Music- (6/10- Music is long, and a bit laggy. Kind of weird tune, but lots of effort put in, that's great!)
Values- (10/10- Holy moly! A wave of values!)
Creative- (5/8- A book is not that creative. But I LOVE THE FALLING HEARTS!)
Forum- (8/10- You are on the forum, and on from time to time.)
Famous- (1.5/3- I've seen you before.)
Overall- 10/15- I don't prefer roleplays, but I like your quizzes and your drawing pad!)
Total- 45.5 out of 61

Custom Color- (5/5. No comments.)
Music- (10/10. Great tune and speeds.)
Values- (9/10. No comments.)
Creative- (7/8. I like the model!)
Forum- (0/10. You are not on forum. :confused:)
Famous- (1.5/3. Known by me.)
Overall- (11/15. No comments.)
Total- 46 out of 61


1st Place- Of course, the winner. Is my partner.
Dancing Lollipop! With a whopping score of 54 out of 61!

2nd Place- ILoveGreen- I love your model!

3rd Place- Awesome Kitty- The hearts look great!

4th Place- Falling Leaves- I like your music!

Tags- @DancingLollipop @AwesomeKitty


ILoveGreen is awesome - it's a hard choice to pick between @DancingLollipop and her! :grin:


Yay! Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it!


Here's a like! :heart:


Lol so organized

Congrats @DancingLollipop




Yah, it's very organized. I tried my best! I wish their were font colors on the forum tho!


That would be awesome!


Try it! Does the html work?


I don't understand what you mean by that.


Lol I didn't really know I'm a rising hopscotcher! It means a lot that you told me that!


There are color codes for html


[color=#0000FF]This is a test, did it work? [/color]

Nope, guess not


Try typing in a Red font in 'Word' then copy and paste! I'm on an iPad.


I'm on an iPad too :stuck_out_tongue:


Please let me know if you are going to have more competitions... I would love to join!


So what's the first thing we're going to do?


Idk, I'm still working on the Snoopy Pad




GG, @DancingLollipop. GG. Well, at least you are still my collab partner! Right?