Part 1: Remember What We're Here For—READ THIS B4 YOU LEAVE



Here’s the question I’m here to answer:

Is Hopscotch crumbling because of the mean decade of today?

@Swati_bang made an article about “The End” of Hopscotch. He/she made a very good point that leads us up to a question… will Hopscotch end? (his/her point will be covered in Part 2 of this article, about decreasing quality)

My answer:

Guys, there will always be a bully. Hopscotch was designed with a community that allows real people to make an account and interact with each other about their coding connection. A bully is attracted to things like this! And then there was a forum that was designed to aid confused Hopscotchers and connect people even more—this must seam like a jackpot for a bully, even despite THT’s careful precautions.

Most everyone is leaving because of this reason: the community isn’t nice. People are mistreating each other. Being rude. And do you know what? Some are blaming THT!

@KVJ made an excellent response to @Aether’s issue.

What was Hopscotch made for?

  1. A free coding experience
  2. Educational fun that will get you far in life
  3. A community of people who share the same love—coding!

Guys, THT can’t see every comment. Bullies can be smart. Then can get past the filters, the bad work blocks, and they can manage to offend someone without THT noticing. And then, I hear of Hops blaming THT for not noticing a few comments of one or three profiles out of thousands of people on the Forum?

If you are leaving because of unfriendly community, and you are blaming THT, please remember:

  1. Though they are devoting more than half of their time and lives for Hopscotch, they still have the real world.
    This is another reason why they don’t notice everything
  2. There have to moderate and approve projects with images, new forum-er’s posts, look out for Featured projects, while still struggling to sort through mean comments.

Hopscotch was not made for hostility! It was made for a educational, easy, and free (don’t forget AD FREE) experience at the access of your fingertips. When people come on posting mean comments, boasting, then LEAVING, I have to say I am extremely disappointed. You’re complaining when there’s something you can do?
Thoroughly think about the reasons below before leaving.

  1. You can take it up to yourself to flag mean comments responsibly if they are going against the rules
    Under NO absolute reason are you supposed to flag for fun
  2. You can email the Hopscotch Team (,, that you
    1: Visited an article that was rude, disrespectful, or off topic
    2: Saw a user that posted rude comments
  3. You can write articles (like this one) to encourage people to follow rules, NEVER share any personal information, and ABOVE ALL, treat their neighbor as they would wish them to treat themselves.


  1. The community is mean
    (or at least try to do something about it before leaving for this reason)
  2. The Hopscotch Team isn’t filtering enough
  3. You don’t want to pay for the subscription
    And my gosh, you don’t have to! The subscription is a way for the Hopscotch to support the bills of having a app! While it might be FREE for YOU, it is NOT for THEM. (This will be covered in an article I plan to write later)
  4. Or any other reason that does not involve that
    A. You feel like you are losing interest of Hopscotch
    B. You don’t have time for Hopscotch
    C. You don’t really like the style of Hopscotch coding
    D. You feel like you need to do a course thats a little more harder/easier
    E. You have no space on your device for it, and/or you don’t really use it
    F. Your parents or guardian say they don’t want you using it
    G. Hopscotch isn’t your type of app
    H. If you have a school iPad: Your school is taking away your iPad
    I. You have no ideas (This is okay, we all need a break and we all get “coder’s block.”

In conclusion…

It is absurd to blame THT for not being thorough enough or leaving because of the mean commenters (there is always going to be community bullies—its up to us to STOP them!!!) Please help cleaning the community by flagging responsibly, sharing your ideas sophisticatedly, not trying to get out of the filter (e.g, using blocked words, creating comments against rules), not sharing anything personal (Things like first name are aloud, but NO locations, last names, etc.)

Its up to you to make the decision to help instead of leave in the face of bullies… we cannot let them win!

If you like this article, please like. Part 2, is coming (it is about the “decreasing quality of projects”). Also, I might cover the important topic of THE HOPSCOTCH SUBSCRIPTION. Thank you especially @KVJ and every other Hopscotcher who has chosen to stay and filter out bullies. And thank you most of all THT, @alish & @liza (and everyone else) for working very hard to keep Hopscotch in the app store!


I know this is a LONG article, but is inportant that you read all of it


Your such a great former
Also how old r u?


I agree. We are the cause of these problems. The Hopscotch Team just isn’t taking the necessary steps to solve them.


I love this topic so much. I think it covers everything that it necessary.
Thank you so much for making this topic so explained and well-written! Props to you!

Thanks for getting inspiration from my topic! I appreciate it!


This is a good post
I left because of this:


every reason listed under number four is a perfectly valid reason but okay

nice topic my dude


This is true and amazing. Thank you.


You can’t blame the team, it’s the people on it. All they can do is ban people, they can’t completely remove things in a snap


I love your writing skills
How old r u?
U just be at least 20


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I did this like three or four days ago and @Liza was very quick to respond and suspend the person!


As I said earlier, I completely agree with many of the points you are making. However, the majority of the people on the forum are 9-14 years old. It’s very easy for people at this age to get caught up in arguments instead of trying to resolve them peacefully. It’s just human nature. Because of this, it’s important that the Hopscotch Team moderates the forum more closely.


I can’t believe that you joined four days ago! That was really well written and I agree with what you say! :clap:


I dont blame tht for anything

The comunaty is still toxic without them

I dont think thats a word

All of the reasons below this are perfecly valid and mostly out of control of the person

Its not a war.



:blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush: You guys are so so nice! Thank you so much everyone! It means the WORLD to me that you think I’m a good writer.
Answers to your questions:


thank you for agreeing. I hope you stay.


I can’t think of anything to say but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU


I’m glad you left for good reasons




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I’m so glad you agree!


Again, you are a very good Hos & forumer who follows the rules to keep Hopscotch clean! I salute you


Thank you so much! You are both a amazing coder and great friend :slightly_smiling_face:


Wut thanks so much!

oh don’t salute– donna barges in “I’ll have a salute!” @AHappyCoder