Parents and hopscotch! (POLLS AND DISCUSSION!)


[This is leader approved!]

Basically, answer polls and discuss what you share with your parents and stuff.

How much do your parents know about hopscotch?

  • My parents don't know I have hopscotch
  • My parents know that I code but don't really care
  • My parents know a lot about hopscotch
  • My parents know everything! I tell them all about hopscotch


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If you talk to your parents about hopscotch, what kinds of things do you say?

  • I tell them about myself projects
  • I tell them about when I get featured and my achievements
  • I tell them about everything
  • I don't tell them anything


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Do your parents care about hopscotch and do they want to see you're projects?

  • No
  • Not really
  • Yah I guess
  • Totally! ALWAYS!


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if you have a poll that you want people to answer about parents, post it here!

if you don't feel comfortable answering some polls, don't answer them!

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Also, leaders, is this ok? I don't think it's really a a duplicate! @SmilingSnowflakes


My parents know everything about hopscotch! My mom especially. :D

I update her on all the hopscotch news, and the things that are going on in the forum. XD
We talk about hopscotch stuff (mostly stuff that's happening on the forum) a lot. :D

I tell my dad about things going on in the forum/hopscotch every once in a while, but I show him my projects whenever I finish one. :3

My parents don't have accounts. :P

I think this topic is okay. :D


My dad has a hopscotch account!

I teach him to code new things! I show him every single project of mine when it's published!

My mom doesn't code, have an account me but she likes playing my projects!

My dad talks about the code a make a lot!
One time my dad got addicted to my game and would give me my iPad back XD

If they didn't care they wouldn't have brought me to NYC just to meet the hopscotch team!
@SmilingSnowflakes we r opposites XD my dad is more interested in hopscotch XD


Same! I tell my parents all about hopscotch! That's why they offered to take me to THT headquarters!


Woah! What's your dads account? (If you want to share it)


Do your parents know about the forum?

  • Nope
  • Nah
  • Yes


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Do you ever talk to your family and friends who don't have hopscotch things that are said in the forum? (Jumpduckz, smol Nudles, etc)

  • No, they will think I'm weird
  • A little


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I'll share it!
All of his projects r in his drafts tho :D


Only my family :D

My friends would kill me XD


My parents LOVE hopscotch! :D

It's an awesome coding app! Sometimes my sister tries to code some things! :0 (but I don't publish it ._.)

I tell all my friends and that's how they decided to join! :0

I show them my pixel art projects and my featured projects that I'm really proud of! :D


It stil sounds creepy that I'm following your dad lol


My family knows about about Hopscotch, and I show them my projects. Sometimes my siblings help me test projects! My family doesn't know much about the forum, though. They know I'm a Leader (and what I do as a Leader) they just don't stay tuned very often. :)


I share my Hopscotch news and stuff with my brother.


My parents know I'm on it...sometimes I show them my projects. But that's it.


I don't think my parents really care about other hops' projects, just mine.


Great answers guys! Cool polls!


My dad is a computer software engineer, so he's really interested in what I'm making and encourages me to show my grandparents, etc. He also helped me realize how easy it is to translate HS code to other code languages, so I'm going a lot of that lately.


Awesome! My parents encourage me to share my projects with my family too!


My parents are always nagging me about spending too much time on the forum (lol) but they don't really care about what I do.
My dad is an engineer and encourages me to code, but I don't think he really considers Hopscotch coding :stuck_out_tongue:
My mom sometimes is interested to see what I make, but most of the time she doesn't really care either.
I do tell them when I get featured/trending/etc. but they don't really care about that either.