Paper or Hopscotch?



Hi everyone! I've just found out how to use the polls on the forum, so I would like to a, test them out and b, start doing some more art.
I have 2 drawings that I have just made, can you please select the option in the poll for what you like better.
This is the hopscotch drawing:

This is the paper drawing:

-hopscotch art
-paper art


Sorry the poll isn't working, let me try again:

  • hopscotch
  • paper



You need to put

[poll ]

  • bla

  • blah.

  • Blah.


(Without the space)


Here's the exact way to do it!

- hopscotch
- paper


It should only be hopscotch or it is not hopscotch related. :wink:


Great drawings! If you want, you can post them in the "Drawing on Paper compared to on iPad" topic.


How did you do that without it actually turning into the poll? Sry if that's a stupi.d question.. I feel like everyone knows but I don't...

- hi
- hello

^ :D ^


Oh! facepalms self


Oops.. sorry didn't see that!
Well, look @ what @SmilingSnowflakes said, then! xD


• paper
• iPad


Do a space in between the dashes!

  • paper
  • iPad


Like this! :D