Paper/ IPad Art Requests!



Here you can request paper and IPad drawings! @everyone

A picture of what I'm drawing is wanted but not required, you can change stuff about the picture though!

please req

Example of My Drawing:


This :D


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Do you do colour? @Wookie


Sorry, but this doesn't have anything to do with Hopscotch. Maybe add paper AND iPad requests?


Fixed it @tankt2016 @seawolfwerehorse


@Trendygirl I can do color


Ok, can you draw me? (Paper)
A girl
Really dark brown hair
Brown eyes
Pierced ears
Wearing a teal and white jumpsuit chevron
A bracelet of your choice.


Can you do our profile picture and write a title ("Baby Cat")? In color and on paper?
Hint: Hold down on our profile picture and then tap "Save Image".


Does that cat have a lollipop in its mouth?

Or what is that pink thing?



It's the girl feeding him a toy baby bottle. And don't make it a chicken, some people say it looks like a chicken from far away.


@Trendygirl how long is the hair?


@Trendygirl It's FINALLY done ;D

It's really bad...


can I have Naruto please


Omg! I. Love. It. :blush: It's just how I imagined it!