Paper Drawings!


I draw a lot on paper and am pretty good at it, so I'm going to use this topic to share my drawings with everyone!!! Anyone can use this if you want to share your paper drawings with the Hopscotch forum community.


There's already a topic


There's already a topic for this, it's called "Drawing On Paper Compared to an iPad" :D


Okay, so my paper drawings are considerably better than my iPad drawings for some reason. Please keep this in mind when you see them. I did not get my drawings off of the internet. I actually drew them. Thanks!!!


I'm sorry. I didn't realize that there was already a topic for this


I can always delete this


You can just recycle the topic. I'll delete my post if you want. It's fine everyone makes mistakes.





I'm sorry if this is a waste of space for everyone


Also, could you please vote on which two character hairstyles you like better

  • Holiday
  • I :heart: Pandas
  • I :heart: You
  • Short and Sweet
  • Split-Stance
  • Wrap-Around Pony


Choose up to 2 options

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Hi! As everyone else said, there's another topic for this:

You can recycle this topic by deleting your posts, and asking everyone else to delete theirs. :P


There's already a topic for this we don't need another one


Thanks for telling me that there's another topic and for giving me the name of it.


I'm sorry, there is a topic like this. Would you like me to show you a link?


Sure! That would be nice