Paper drawing team!



This is where the paper drawing team if @PandaBlossom's contest can post their work, and we could choose one to enter! I don't know all of the members of this team, so can you edit below the line and put your username?


Can someone please test if the post is editable? I just got regular, and I am not sure if I did it or not.


It's editable! :D


Yay! Thank you! :smile:


I made one a few minutes anyway... I'll just post on this one!


I think you should revive this. @PandaBlossom, who is the winner? What do we do?


I'm not done tho...... I got SUPER busy with dance and golf and couldn't find time to finish it! :disappointed_relieved:

  1. I don't know if we ones really been active with this :confused:
  2. You haven't submitted your chosen drawing yet, @tankt2016, and @Dude73 :wink:


Almost done, I will submit it after dance. :smile:


@PandaBlossom! I finished mine! :smile:


Yay! Who else is on your team...?
1. Pick one drawing and @ me and I vill judge.:smiley:
That accent tho XD


Oh, I drew it on paper, just colored it on iPad. Is that fine? And I will choose a drawing. :smile: