Paper Art Requests!


Can you draw yourself along with these characters? (Look at the images.) Sorry if it’s too hard. You just have to put your best effort into it!


Sorry @Cocoa_Viola, I did not see this post until now, so I just drew you amd me together


Thanks anyways. When you’re off for school, please do it like I said.


I am off school, it’s the hols
I just am busy, I mean with family and friends, so I am busy.


Please put your best effort into it when you have the time.


Hey @GlowCumber, can I show this to the drawing topic? It looks really cool, and deserves more likes!


Okay, @yaygirls, u can


This topic should still be used; I haven’t seen a request in a while.

Drawing on Paper Compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) Topic 14 [OFFICIAL]

@GlowCumber does amazing stuff! Request!


@GlowCumber, I have an idea. Perhaps you should redo the request I sent you so that it looks how I wanted it. When you have time off, please put your best effort into it!


Hey don’t be like that
They are busy
Except the request they made.
At least they did it for you.
your request was very hard
Maybe you should request less characters next time
So don’t tell them to redo it
They spent a lot of time into the drawing as I see it
Maybe you should request someone else next time, but don’t be mean to glowcumber


Could you draw a stack of pancakes full of worms and toothpaste with one bite out of it, then have a random person close to them, holding silverware, all blue and green in the face with puffy cheeks?


Can u draw this


I’ll try! I’m got homework now. :roll_eyes:. Wish I didn’t.




Drew it @Kitty4U

It’s not amazing but I tried…