Paper Art Requests!


Hi The Form!
I haven’t been on here often, but I like it! So, on Hopscotch I posted a paper art thing, asking for requests, but you can request on here too! Just put your Hopscotch username and your form username in your request. My art is way better on paper, I will reply to this with a example of my paper art!
Plz request, I’m super bored!



It’s for all you warrior cat fans out there. I’m one of them…
So please request!


Hello @Got_This_Glow, we already have a topic for this!

I’m sure the Hopscotchers would love to see your drawings there


I know, just I want art requests, so I thought I would make my own… I can still publish some there… :smile:


Okay that’s fine! :smiley:

Maybe draw the hopscotch logo as a person?? @Got_This_Glow


Nice, I Will. On it!


I’m super sorry, I did Dolphin lover, instead of Dolphin Coders, is that okay?
Any way, here you are @Dolphin_coders.


Nah that’s absolutely fine! That’s awesome!! @Got_This_Glow


Great! I am so glad @Dolphin_coders! It took me a while, so for everyone else out there, who wants to request, it will take a day for me to post on here.


I can’t get in this topic, how can i? :face_with_monocle:


You have to become a member, you will in a few days :wink: @Got_This_Glow


Thanks @Dolphin_coders.


This is @Ghost request!


Draw a cup with a face staring at another cup with a face which is drinking from a normal cup

Idk I have weird ideas


Sure, that’s quite a good idea @Mr.rex


Here is ur request @Mr.rex . It is not that good but, it is still okay.


Hello! Can you do a rainbow cupcake? I love them!


Yeah @yaygirls :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


Here is @yaygirls request!

it was my fave one yet


I love it! It looks so cute! You should post it on the drawing topic! It is awesome!