A person named pandapoppinloc followed me and liked all my stuff, but now they are just gone. Without a trace. I contacted Hopscotch and they said no one ever existed with that username. I'm kinda scared. The person was awesome and really sweet, so why did they just vanish? I am really freaking out. Everything ever leading to her just disappeared. Please tell me whats going on.


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Welcome to the forum!!!


I agree with Intellection74!


Yeah they probably changed there name!


That is pretty scary! I know sometimes people just have to leave for all types or reasons. Don't be too worried about it! They may have changed their name.


Thats a little creepy but there are good explenations


I'm still a bit worried because she just vanished. Also because it's a hard process to delete your account. And when I contacted hopscotch they said they never existed so if she deleted her account they'd tell me.


Like @Intellection74 said, I think they just changed their username! Don't worry about it! :wink:


They didn't because I searched her projects and they weren't there.


Maybe it was because s/he wasn't as popular or the project didn't get much attention! The search filter puts those projects on top. :wink: