@PandaBlossom's and @CodePerfect's Collab



@PandaBlossom. We can talk here about what we can make!


So, what should we make?


I was thinking a Who We Are! What are you thinking?


Yeah, like an introduction project! Let's get started!


Okay!! How should we make it?!?


I was thinking maybe a slideshow, so when we swipe our finger across the screen, a different text would come up.


Okay!! I will make the BG. Is that okay? Then you can make your info then I will!!




@codeperfect should I write who I am now? Or do you still need to adjust the BG?


Invasion :0000000000000



Senpai @pandablossom and @codeperfect do u mind if i join your grouop u guys seem aweome


@codeperfect, (I know you are still asleep right now :P) do you want to add anything to the first paragraph?


I am awake!! I just woke up 4-5 minutes ago!!


Oh, right xP
What time do you wake up? So, abt 6:15am?


It's 5:22 am here!! I woke up cause we live in an apartment and the people upstairs make a lot of noise a night!!


Oh, okay! Do you want to work on the WWA project?


Yeah sure. I added "our projects" at the of the first paragraph!! You can go ahead and do your "bio"!


Oh, thanks, I forgot about that xD
I'll add my bio now :)


No problem!! I will wait for you, then I will do mine!! You can make it as long as you want.


We need to make values to make the swipe thing work. I've made a value called 'swipe'. Whenever the iPad is right, text will come up. :)