Panda Studios’s General Topic, Sneakpeaks, & More!



Hello it is Panda Studios from Hopscotch! This is my general topic, where I take recommendations, show sneakpeaks, give some advice, and more. (“More” is basically fancy for “random”. That is the first fact about my slang)

——-Brief bio——-

Features: 4

Rising: 1

Years on Hopscotch: Around 4

Years on the Forum: (rounded) 2 months

Name Generation: PandyKat (shared with my sister before multiple accounts on one iPad, and yes that existed) to AwesomezPanda, to… Panda Studios!

Number of different accounts: 3 (Panda Studios, Popply, and Panda Studios CHAT)

My purpose on Hopscotch: other than learning to code, I try to share a smile with everyone and help others.

Pls feel free to tag me, comment, share wisdom, and (hopefully) smile on here.

Thank you so much for viewing!

-Panda Studios




Hello PandaS! I see that you are new and it would just be cool to say hello! :wave:

Have you seen me on Hopscotch before? My username is “William04GamerA”, the same as on The Hopscotch Forum!


Hi @William04GamerA!
Yes, I love your projects! Thank you for stopping bye to say hello!


Thank you much! That really made my day! :slight_smile:
I will make sure to check your Hopscotch account out as well!


You’re so welcome! Anytime! I love making people happy! :smile::smile::smile:


And BTW, you have AMAZING trail art! How did you learn to do that? I’m guessing a lot a practice :wink:


Hello PandaS! If you are new, welcome to the forum!


Thank you! I really like so I think I’ll stay for now


Guys is my profile pic moving? It’s supposed to be a gif but it is not moving on my iPad.


OH good. Its moving now


Anyone who has seen my account on Hopscotch pls rate my projects from a number 1 thru ten. (It averages it) And pls comment why you picked that number. BIG credit to @SmileyAlyssa for helping me with this poll!

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10

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Cool GT! I really like your projects!!


Wow! Thank you :pray:
I am honored.


Hai guys I’m back

After, like, forever. Sorry bout that.

First, I just want to give some shoutouts to some awesome Hops who really deserve a lot of attention and have really been supa kind to me!!



And a special note INCLUDING more possible articles!!! Everyone cheers and tosses their hats “YEAAAAAAAAAAAHHHSS”


hi, so um, I am not going to be as active on here, but I will sometimes go on here once in a while

I’ve started thinking about—okay this is going to sound weird—article requests. Why? Well first, cause I LOVE writing, and SECOND, cause I have gotten such great compliments in the past.

All you got to do is go to my general topic (which is right here lol) and say "@PandaS can you do an article about (blah blah blah) and tell me your opinion?

Please note, bc of my inactivity, it might be a while until I respond. But I will, and I’ll tell you when I start your article.

Okay, tell me what you think.


Oki guys thx so much for reading!


Alack, alas

So sad…



Let’s do it… okaiiii :thinking:

  • Article requests!!! YAHSSS!
  • Naw, something else it won’t werkkk
  • I honestly dunt care
  • You have bad grammar

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Hello and welcome back to the forum! We’ve missed you! :slight_smile:


Aw, really, thx!

You guys r so nice