Panda Challenge! 🐼


Panda Challenge! :panda_face:

Hey guys! Welcome to my Panda challenge!

How to play:

All you have to do is give this blank panda a face!


I will be trying to like all the hopscotchs to this challenge but the winner will be getting a follow! I will be announcing the winner on the forum and hopscotch! Hope you enjoy! :panda_face:


I will be judging each panda by creativity and effort! ;D

Here is the link btw:



Please update your OMTL. I know it's an old version because I wasn't tagged.


What do you mean? I just got it off there ;-;


I'm supposed to be on the OMTL.


Are you sure someone didn't accidentally take it off?


I added myself xD


Oh well, I don't see the name the list so it might have been erased but I'll be sure to tag you next time! ;D

would you like to join da challenge? XD


I don't want to do the challenge xD


@DancingLollipop , I cannot do this because I si not have the new update yet ! I would love to do it though so can I help you judge ?


Sorry XD


Yeah sure! My only problem is where will we discuss?


Wait that picture resembles anonymous


it's an anonymous panda :00000000


On a separate topic where no one else should look !


Ok! We can make that topic later, once I get more entries ;D


Here is mai entry:

Hope you leike it!:wink:


Cute! I love it! :D





We got on the top of trending!

That certainly helped with entries xD

@Silverdolphin I would look in my likes for entries, I liked them all!


Panda panda panda panda