So this is a summer contest that is fun and enjoyable to everyone
All you need to do is
-submit a project by June 31st that has to or is
-has to do with summer
-has to be fun to play or do
-easy to accomplish or play

The results will be announced on July 6th

So people will submit by or on June 31st and when i have all the projects people will vote on it and if there is a tie between a couple then those will be put in a another poll and keep going back and forth till we have our winner
Also there will be 1st 2nd and 3rd place which will be the 3 people that have the most votes from the most polls
And you can edit the 1st 2nd and 3rd place prizes

A shoutout and spam likes from Paige1212
A nomination for featured from Paige1212

A shoutout and spam likes from Paige1212

Spamlikes from Paige1212



First!!! @Paige1212




Thx @Petrichor
I always make that error lol


Why aren't people joining?




I say everything in a different language with < >
Cause I'm a multisecretlanguage person lol XD


I will join @Paige1212! I know what my game will be to!


Ok just show me the game on or before June 31st


@Paige1212 I wanna join! I'll start the project right now!!


@laser_eyed_puppy(sorry if you already knew)
@AJCode you have until June 31st to finish


What do you exactly have to do? Like make a game on Hopscotch or something? I confuzzled.


Yeah about summer


@laser_eyed_puppy and @AJCode
Can I see ur projects
Even though 2 people joined there will be no third place
Only 1st and 2nd
The results will be announced in 2 days!
(I gave you a lot of extra days to do your projects)


@Paige1212 Oops! Sry!:sweat_smile:




1st place is @laser_eyed_puppy!
2nd is @AJCode!
Congrats to both of you
I just couldn't choose but I had to :(


You both get a shutout and spamlikes and @laser_eyed_puppy gets a nomination for featured
Which project will you want me to nominate
And give the link


Um can I make a project I reallly like first then give it to you???


I'll give you and aj a shutout and spamlikes