Paigey's super duper amazing giveaway! [CLOSED] [ALREADY CHOSE WINNERS] winners are lolly and murphy1


For example I find I wanted to nominate a game I would enter the "Nominations for Featured" topic and enter the link there, hope this helps!!


6? idk its my fav number


Here I see the link!

I'm the topic you just say I nomanate this by this person and put the link to the project!


That was one of the numbers but sorry this giveaway is closed!
You still get a like and a follow! (I'm just being nice)
What is your hs user?!


Riya rocks :microphone::art:
so sorry for late reply.
whats your username?


Ok I will like and follow you then!:blush:


thanks! sorry the search bar is down so i can't follow you back


Wait I'm on my collab account so can you follow me there bc I can't find th device i have my regular account on!
And then I will follow you


lol but whats the name of your collar account?




do Mind posting something in newest?


Ok sure!


did U already post it?


Yes I just did!


ugh! something is wrong with my app


What is wrong?!


it loads for 1 minute then it shows no net connection


Sry but i gtg!
I just posted a backup one if that one doesn't work!
Bye bye @girlcode


got it! thanks :slight_smile:


K I will follow you!
Bye bye!
See ya later!
You can come to my genral topic later!