@Paige1212 our collab account


@Paige1212 I got the Hopscotch app on my iPad! I'm not sure why, but it won't let me log in to our collab account. I think I might have the wrong password. Do you have an email? If so, we could exchange them, and privately talk about things like new projects or our password. I just want to make sure we are not hacked.


The user is Cupcake1212!
With the exclamation point
Look inside the post and click the message button!

No one but @Cupcake.maniac look inside!


I will, but I'm actually having trouble with my normal account. I can't log in!


Oh ok!
Do you remember your password?!


Yeah, and I even changed it but it still doesn't work


Did you set it as a capital letter and didnt put it as a capital?!


Not that I know of, I did get in to my first account I think, but I can't even search up our collab accounr


Well the search bar in hs is down!
(And btw i cant acsess hs on my device bc i cant get wifi connection!)


I also can't get connection! Maybe Hopscotch is down


Well im on a android device right now so i cant have hs


Well just the search is but not hs!


Hmmm, just wondering is there any way for you to find my account (cupcake.maniac)


Well i cant right now!
But ether of us could make a project and then check newest and then follow you and then it would be in our activity!


Could you? I'm not on my cupcake.maniac account


That's fine! I could log in to my chat/ro account though
So I can now see your account!


The collab one?!


I'm on our account!!
Can we make anything


I cant find our collab account, so therefore I can't log in with the password. I could, however, log into my normal account! It turns out, when I left I changed my name to cupcake.maniac off, and I didn't find that out until looking on your profile and seeing one of your remixes of my account! Thank you so much! Could you like one of my projects or follow me on our collab account so that I can find it?


Well im not on a device with hs so sorry!
Im really sorry about not having a device with hs on it lately!:sweat::sweat:
But i will try in maybe a couple hrs!
Im still really sorry @Cupcake.maniac


Em no! @laser_eyed_puppy
Can you delete your post cause this is a topic for only me and @Cupcake.maniac!
And its off topic!