Paige1212 needs a coding partner {CHOSEN:@awesome nachos!}


Ok so I need a coding partner so you can enter
If you will not be mean

Tell me if your active on the forum and HS much!
You can make great projects with me
If you tell me what your name on HS so I know your account name!
Wait one more thing: I will pick randomly!!
And don't be mad if you don't get picked!!!
Ok now let's get started on the entry's!!!:blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::smile::smiley::grinning:

Recycled! Topic

I'm not mean.
I'm a boy.
I love coding and have never had a coding partner before. I'm the first entrant, and I'd be BEYOND happy to have a non-failing partner!
Hopscotch username: Disney'sBiggestFan


You need to say it like this!
HS name: whatever your HS name on HS is!!
And I need I coding partner


Ok thanks for entering!!:blush:


Limit is 10 to 13 entry's!


Cool I just followed and liked a couple of your projects in HS!


Anyone else??!????????!


Are you on the forum and HS much???


Thank you! I did the same thing back.
Answer to your question: Yes to the forum, eh on Hopscotch. I haven't posted in weeks, only because of school.


Ok that's fine!!
When more people enter I will choose!!!
And ok


Like if you want me to be your coding partner if you don't have one!


Since I already have lots of collars and such, you can't pick me. ;-;


I mean do you have a coding partner not collabs
But you can join if you have one


Yey! Can I be your coding partner? :DDDD


I edited It so anybody can join even if they have one coding partner already!
Someone has two coding partners!!


I'm bad at trail art though!
So you can be my coding partner!!!
I love your work!!


I'm running out of likes!!!


@AwesomeNachos are u there?
We havent even made one project together!
I only can go on the ipad that has the account on it sometimes!
Can we make something sometime?!
Are u still my coding partner?