Paige1212_Backup's Genral Topic/De emoji pillow army is taking over the plannet!😍😍😍😍 De link of amazing potataos is on post 7



Dis is my backup of my @Paige1212 account but just i have one just in case but i can chat with you on this one too


De potatos are on 24 hrs a day now!

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You already have 2 fully functional general topics. Please use both of those until they get closed befor e making another one. :smiley:


Yeah but i wanna make a gt for dis account too just for backup and stuff


No need to. You're the same person and you already have two. Please think before making a topic.


Yah, this is pretty much a duplicate topic. Why not wait until the other one is used?


No dis is my backup gt so when my other one gets closed i can use dis one or i just randomly use this one when i need to


De link
Everyone click this
This is soooo funny


@liza can you plz put this topic on global edit cause i cant cause this account isnt a regular yet


Paige, there isn't much of a need for you to create a topic like this... a backup account doesn't need a general topic, unless your account got all weird and you went to your backup account.


You have too many general topix. WAY too many. If you need a backup account, so be it, but, you DO NOT need a backup general topic, especially when you already have one to spare. Just make the dead gt into a backup gt. Don't make another gt. This is clogging up le forums.


that's how I feel, but I didn't want to say it to Paige.
I have four because the others were closed....


I agree with this





Hey @Explorer_ !!!!!!!


Hi @Paige1212! How are u?


Let's talk in my other gt
The reg one that I use a lot


HAPPY B DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll give you a shoutout in my general topic and my bio!

Here's a card:


Does anybody know any FREE gaming websites? I'm super bored right now


@GreekGoddess2468 , tag me when you get this, I want to ask you some questions on my gen topic.


Other two. She has two others open gts,