Pacman in Hopscotch!


Let me get straight to it. I'm

making Pacman in Hopscotch and I'm choosing 5 people to make the ghosts and Pacman himself. 4 people will get to make 1 ghost each, and someone will make a Pacman. If you want to help, just say me down below and your desired character(no requirements). The first 5 will be chosen. If you are chosen, you can create your character by going to the Pacman game that will be published by SabotageWarning at 1:00PM EST today. One thing to remember. If you are making a character with different parts, remember to use a repeat forever set position block to the desired position. Thank you!


Could I make the blue ghost?


Ok you can make the ghost


Should it be emojis or text blocks?


Can I make the orange ghost please?


Sure you can 202020202020202


It can be whatever you want, I'm trying to show that many people worked together to make this, so the more different it is, the better


I really appreciate you putting the poll, but I want people that are making this to choose what their character look likes compared to a standard character



Wait up I made a big mistake you guys can't all remix at the same time. Someone is going to have to go first, and when their done, the next person can add their character


Mr Red and Mr Yellow


I mean pink 202002002


Pacman's Here!


Are you guys still up for making the ghosts or do you want me to?


Ill make a ghost just tell me what color


Sorry, but the ghosts have been completed, although you can be a beta tester


Wow, that looks cool! May i beta test?




Sure you can


Or if you want, you can help with the coding