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Hello there @Pachirisu!


Hey healer
Whats up


Hi nothing much, you?


PEANUT BUDDA JEELLLEH. with a baseball bat


Where did arnold go?


Im good
Our science teacher is saying that we can do what we want but we should choose to do the work instead of forcing us to
I am on here instead of paying attention becuz i already learned what she is teaching
Phffffff math is so easy
I was taught 9th grade math already so i am ready for high school next year


Wait so u have science and math at the same time?


How do i put a gif as mt pfp?


No im in science
We are using some math in science
I have math last and im the smartest in my class
Do you watch the 100?


Lucky to being smartest in ur class.
Also what is the 100?


I've gtg now bye bye :wave:


"The 100" is an amazing tv series with 4 seasons
It is placed 100 years after a nuclear apocolypse on earth and 100 juvenile prisoners were sent to earth to see if it is habitable again


Bye bye healer



Hi @Pachirisu
You online?
I brought a topic warming gift:


Here is your actual gift:


I'm online now!!!!



Well I guess I'm leaving this topic because I love vegetables XD


Oh thanks anyway lol