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If You Guys Know Me, G&U, @CreamBliss, And You Know Pachirisu, @Pachirisu, Then You Should Know We Have A Collab Account! We Managed To Get On Trending And It Will Mean A Lot To Us If It Got On Featured. Still, Trending Is Great As We Just Started This Month. We Are Hoping We Will Get On Featured As That Will Be Pachirisu's First Feature And G&U's Second Feature! We Are Not Begging For Likes, We Are Just Thanking You Guys For LIKING It. Thanks So Much! It's Called 'Slap His Face! The Game'. We Took A While To Make It, So It's Awesome That We Got 33 Likes In Less Than A Day.


Congrats! :clap::clap:


Yay! Congrats! Hope you and @Pachirisu make it on featured!