Oy what 3d requests from ketchup?! that’s new

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Hello everyone! I’ve posted a few of my 3D models in blender before, but I really wanted to try my hand at doing some 3D requests!
What will you use to make the models?:
I’m using a free 3D modeling software program called blender!
What will I need to provide for the request?:
If what you are requesting is a landscape, an image of how it’s supposed to look. If what you are requesting is a character, an image of how you expect the finished render to look in 3D, and references for your character from all angles. Please make it all full colour.
What am I expecting?:
I wouldn’t call myself a world renowned blender professional, so please don’t expect the result to turn out exactly as imagined. If you are not satisfied with the result, I will grant 1 redo, but no more.
Other Notices:
While you will be able to use the finished render, I will not be sending you the models of the completed objects. You can feel free to use them in games and pfps etc. as long as you credit me.

Yeah so I’m enjoy! If you want any examples of my more recent models to analyze my skill level, just let me know! Have fun!







@ketchup.autosave can you make me a pine apple

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take that

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i would like a potato, please :slight_smile:

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Guys I appreciate you requests, but could you be a little more specific? What background colors, and realistic or cartoony? Are there any special features? Please keep this in mind!! Also refs would be very helpful :]


Well, sorry for such a late response, but I’d like the background color to be HSB(250,50,100), and I’d like it realistic.

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Green please