Ow my knuckle help meh



Ps it's meh pinke knuckle


That stinks hope you get better soon!


Do you follow me and meh group it's called SaveHopscotch


( fake closes topic her )


No but I'll check it out :slight_smile:


This is not really related as well getting out of hand!


Do you think maybe you could relate this back to hopscotch? We don't want this to get closed. :smile:


Like making good well cards in hopscotch?


Lol dude73 do you go to my school with rawrbear don't mean to go off topic


Ok but I don't want to make one for myself so can you make on yo hare a really good coder I hear I am sorry but what's your user to! @Razor
So can you make one.
My User is MoonlightCoder55


Just add 64 after my forum name


Ok :slight_smile:
So what about the card?


Don't worry :D

I'll make it by tomorrow :D


Maybe you could move this question to another topic?

Anyways, here is the answer

I do go to Rawrbear's school


Yeah thought so I do to but what question involved hey I go to your school I think(someone should make that xD)


He/she is saying that he/she broke his/her knuckles and thus can't do Hopscotch


So I'm sort of new so I have a question. What's the big deal about being off topic? Isn't the hopscotch forum used to chat at times?


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No. It's used to chat and talk about hopscotch. The hopscotch team made this to talk about hopscotch and not get all off topic


My personal opinion is that it shouldn't be a big deal if it goes of topic but whatevs