Over_powered_wizard1 general topic! REAL


I typed real cuz anyone might steal also don't close cuz this is related to other things and "search befor you post" GOD that just makes me SO mad! Just type anything u want to me down belo and I k ow I won't get a lot of replays cuz I'm not famous bit i dont care about reply so just like talking to ppl who don't hate me.


I love your profile picture by the way​:cat::watermelon:


Thnx I LOVE cats :cat::cat::cat::cat::cat:


I might leave today rn


So ur never gonna talk to me ever again?!


Wait no that's not what I ment
I mean until you come back because I've got school next week with big tests so I'll be on here less. And it's almost midnight for me now


Make sure everything you say is related to Hopscotch!


I like cats too! :stuck_out_tongue::cat:


1 or 2 off topic posts is fine though :stuck_out_tongue:


This is a general topic where I was talking to people so don't be rude


What would you add to HS?