Over 10000000000000000000 likes but only 19 people played?


So I woke up this morning to one of my projects having 18446744073709551614 likes and only19, now 20, people have played it. What is going on Hopscotch?



Thats not realistic at all. 7bil peeps on the earth. It mustve been a glitch or you typed the numbers wrong.

You can like projects without playing it btw!


The like thing is a glitch that happens when a few people like your project at the same time. It'll go back to normal soon!


It's a liking bug


Wut da heck?!:thinking:


thanks, I have been so confused


yep probably a huge glitch!!!


It's a glitch :wink:


Lol XD


Like others said, it is a glitch.


That is so weird and funny. Ive never seen that on HS b4 :joy: :joy:


I always loved that glitch, there are more likes then the amount of people that bought an apple product!


The world's craziest glitch ever! How did THAT happen? Weird! Nice drawing though


Either everyone in the world liked it and created a bunch of backups to like it or it's a glitch
Totally number two


I've never seen that before! :joy:


It isn't my project, I'm DMFgames ★ on Hopscotch :wink:


I know it's not you. I know.