Outta ideas again ugh


Outta ideas for art and games help me



#whenyoucantgrabyouridealistrightaway ;-;


Lol always funny catface4


You could make a marrionette
pull strings to move a dolls arms,legs, face


I'm procrastinating on a really hard game right now, so I wanna focus on art
I have no ideas


But thx that's a really good idea but if I. Make it it could be taken disn


how about an art project where you press the screen with you thumb/fingers and a hand is drawn with fingers reaching the spot the player touched.


That sounds hard but I'll look into it in the future


What can I draw I have an art block en


i made a mini project where different words in black are around the screen.
A black trail fills the screen so the words can't be seen
when the ipads pressed, a white trail is left like a draw pad.
The words can be seen when a white trail draws over them.
You could make a hidden word game or something similar to this