Out of ideas anyone have ideas?


My brain is out of ideas if anyone has any requests if I like your idea I’ll give you credit thanks Nolakiggy out!


Ideas for what?

Code or art?


either way I prefer coding but I do some art on the app as well


Well, for coding, maybe code a music randomized that selects from several clips of music

Or draw a fox idk



Depends on your ability level of coding…

But here’s a link to help you out:

Try this!

Why not do something based on sine/cosine, once someone has helped you out on your other topic?

Or, go to the :mag: button at the top right and search for the word “Ideas” and thousands of topics should pop up. May at least one give you your much needed inspiration!

Good luck and happy coding! ~<3 @ArtisticCoder



@sophia71205 posted a link to the topic that I was going to post! Check tha list out, it is amazing and has a lot of ideas! :slight_smile:


Hi! Here are a few ideas that might help.

  • A tapper game (Refer to video in Hopscotch app if needed)

  • A make your own game (Make your own dog, house, cake, etc.)

  • An art pad

I hope these ideas are helpful to you, bye!