Out of ideas again



Hey guys, its happyfacegirl, and hopscotch is super good and im actually pretty good but ive run out of coding ideas. My fave things to make are games and if someone could comment a game they like it could really help me, and i will give u credit for the idea! Tx, happyfacegirl


Literally made a few seconds ago :smile:

Idea page!


Lol :sweat_smile: Yep!


Wow that is a lot of ideas!! Thank u!


Smiley alyssa... Ive heard of u before


If you need elaborating on any if these, I'll tel, you :wink:


Look at other projects for inspiration.

I wanna post something really off-topic that I'm excited about tho


I wanna be famous like smiley


Just try being creative with your projects, help people out, and be active. But fame shouldn't be a priority on Hopscotch.


Hi! I LOVE your username!


"fame" as you term it is not what Hopscotch is about, Hopscotch is about learning in a coding app made to easily get kids into coding :smiley:


How about an Impossible Quiz? Or maybe a drawing pad....
Lol! have you done an art club?


Yˀoˀuˀ cˀaˀnˀ mˀaˀkˀeˀ aˀ 3Dˀ gˀaˀmˀeˀ...


Hey omg it's @SmileyAlyssa


Hi! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi I wanna be featured or help you with a project my Excell Quadron 1 games is ok but it's a demo


I know this is from a long time ago but still, tx!! I am going to make one and ill give u and the person u said it was from credit.


I know this is from a long time ago but tx!! We can talk on hopscotch or forum. I havent been on forum for so long because it started to glitch a few months ago. And smileyallyssa, i know ur a really good coder and i think im following u, if not, im going to right now...