OUR MUSIC In Kiwicute2016's Project?! Thanks!



We entered in Kiwicute2016's music contest and won! In her most recent project, OUR MUSIC is in it! Thanks so much, @Kiwicute2016!




Congratulations well done @tankt2016


Nice job @tankt2016!


Yup! You won! It was a bit too long, causing lag, so I shortened it!


Congrats! Shakes hand.. I bet you deserved it!


Gave u nice post!

Also I'm on our art account!


Well, I am pretty sure that Anonymous said long songs would cause lag in a game, but shorter ones won't, but anyway I don't care, I just care that we won and half our notifications when we went on were this is think!


Going there in a minute, meet you there,


@MYD, sorry, but I was crunch, crunch icing crunch, crunch cookies, sorry if I'm late, are you on?


Yes I am, can you give me a "cookie"


Okay, here you are! :cookie: crunch, crunch

Going to the account now, bye.


"I'll go with u, to our Collab account, away...."Starts flying away, CRASH, "whoops"


Made me laugh, going to the account now, but when you get off, I will draw a sphere, trying to get half a career in art…


Nice, and this time I'm not flying, I'm elavating!


Cool! Maybe we should go to the topic "Collab With TRICERA–STUDIOS" or whatever it is, this is getting off-topic.


Ok, that is fine!