Our legit music topic


Credit to phase admin
We have our own personal topic here where we will post our favorite music for coding and stuff
You don't post music here. We (as in our account) do.


@smileyalyssa your sister just spammed my musical.ly with likes lol


How is this topic related to Hopscotch?


Ask phase admin, I don't know


So much legitness in da forum laik woa bruh


Then why did you make it? XD


Music for listening to while coding.


So much homework aaaa


So it's like the music and coding topic but a new one?


This is our own personal topic. I'm not sharing nuuuu


A personal one thoguh.


It's a legit personal topic

U can't get better than that

A little off topic but today I got a penalty for checking and smiling after I did it. It was hilarious because I was the smallest girl and she was the biggest girl. And the ref said he didn't like how I was smiling, I said," at least I'm cheerful" now bot

That was in hockey btw


Ok, I see. Maybe put that in the first post so other people know?


It is in the first post....


Yes you do.


Okay because that's not the exact version I listen to but ya


It doesn't say that you're posting music you like to listen to while coding, but whatever.


That's not mentioned anywhere in this topic...
But maybe they should, you have a point. :)


Can u ??? (Says this with tons of sarcasm)


I know too! (#like a boss!)