Our Legacy Starts Here! wE gOt FeATurEd!


We by @Rider @UnderagedCoder1
Rider added new colors to the "tunnel" project and I made the sine/cosine!
Also, It is riders birthday.




It aint a complete sentence because there is no form of punctuation that is noticeable!


The exclaimation pointS


It is @Rider's b-day today?


That's awesome. Ill make a project on Unidonut to shout you guys out and make another about the trending topic. If I'm lucky, I can start a vote for all of hopscotch


I'll be bock. Terminator confirmed.


Yes it is!


It's my birthday also xD


How do you get the emoji by the thing that says regular?

It's so cringey lol


Idk I did a thing in the settings to set up my b-day and shows that on someone's b-day or anniversary


Hello, Dylan329. Happy day of birth, happy day of birth, happy day of birth dylan329, happy day of birth to you. Congratulations for living for more than a decade's worth of time.


Uh thanks xD


I am T-Unit 139. Happy to make one feel happy about one's day of birth.


It's my birthday too!
Three forum birthdays on 1 day? Lol


Would you like me to parttake in the song of your day of birth?


I knew both U, and @Dylan329 and we all have the same birthday, thats crazy, plus my first ever featured project was on my bithday, this world is weird


That makes me feel amazed. I shall now congratulate you. Congratulations.


Y thank u


The beginning reminds me of a talk show