Our Hopscotching history and clubs of happiness!



I have been on the forum since January 18th, this is me @tankt–Ooh, catchy!–@tankt2016, and I have been on Hopscotch since November I don't know what dateth. Now, I am here to talk about how far Hopscotch has come and what problems have occurred on both Hopscotch and the Forum.

Hopscotch was booming with Features and new stuff when we started Hopscotching, back then, we were tankt, and were remixing a LOT. Everything was fine then, and then came (about 2 months ago, come to think of it now) when we stopped remixing unless we were helping or drawing or re-ing. When we started to do that, we joined the forum, which helped us gain popularity. At around the same time as we joined and stopped remixing a lot, flame wars and LGBT started. Usually, flame wars were because of LGBT and the Hopscotch Team was having a very hard time finding Feature-worthy projects, so @asha created Nominations for Featured which was immediately a BIG hit, as more Features than ever were coming. @LGBT.Coder came and left, a LOT of coders started leaving because of flame wars. Even @rawrbear almost left! Then, we got 2 trendings and Hopscotch for us was booming. We were starting to become great cyber-friends on the forum. Now is the rebuilding stage where we create Happy Squads and positive stuff. @SmileyAlyssa, @SmileyAlyssa, @SmileyPanda were great at spreading positivity around the forum and Hopscotch. So, this topic is about creating groups and clubs that spread positivity around the Forum and Hopscotch! We need to rebuild and conquer negativity and make the Forum and Hopscotch a great and happy place again, like rainbow happy-awesome land (whatever that is)! If you want to make or join a club, fill out a form below!

The happy squad! A happy coding club!
Created by: @bluedogmc-official
Members: @tankt2016, @smishsmash, @Ella_13
Form: There is no needed form. Just reply saying you want to join!

Happy Helpers! A collab to make people happy!
Created by: @TheGamerNextDoor15
Members: @Maltese, @tankt2016,
Form: Be happy and you are already halfway there! (Let TGND know first)

Spread Happiness!
Created by: @Wookie
Members: Anyone that wants to is a member!
Form: There is no needed form. You just join and spread happiness!

Join the happy squad!
Created by: @DancingLollipop
Members: Anyone is in as long as they are happy!
Form: No form needed.

If your sad come here for happiness!
Created by: @MoonlightCoder
This is a fun and happy topic! Come here to get cheered up!

Can someone please put this on global edit? Add topics of happiness!

Rules of adding stuff!

There are always rules of global edit.
1. No junk. Just add topics. Just add happy topics, put that junk stuff somewhere else.
2. Spread positivity. Do this in a reply, not on an edit please.
3. Be happy. This is the most important one!
4. Do not start a flame war.
5. Kindly follow these rules!
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