Our Hopscotch Experiments!


Hey guys!

As you may or may not know, @PopTart0219 and @Gilbert189 have been on the “Tapioca” account. We have been doing undercover experiments on popularity, reputations, and likes.

We started off pretty well. A couple flower projects, a Kaleidocosmos remix. Simple. Then, we decided to join the forum. We had @Kiwicute2016 in on this too, because we had to have a mod deny suspicions.

Next, we had PopTart make some art. Instant hit. Everyone loves an artist! We had her post it in the drawing topic, and got some awesome feedback. We also entered the featured art contest.

After that, we made our first big project, the trail art monkey. That was Gilberto’s doing, and it was instantly loved. It reached 6th in trending, and now has 420+ likes. This project served as a big boost to our popularity. Many well known Hopscotchers even liked it! Though this was our first big boost, it was also the start to other’s suspicions. This is not supposed to happen.

As we moved on, we noted that people loved our visual projects. Our trail art and regular art was a big hit. They especially loved our sin/cos projects (By Gilberto), and we enjoyed seeing what people liked and thought about this coder who could draw and use complicated math. This also added to some suspicion, as people were cautious of this person who was able to grasp this so easily.

We realized that many different types of projects can get you attention.
Soon after, we thought, why not make some music? We have code and art, all we need is music! So, of course, we called up @BuildASnowman on docs. He was happy to do it, and whipped an amazing music project in around 15 minutes using his hack. (How he does it so gorgeously is a mystery.) It was not taken as well as some of the other projects. We received only around 20 likes the first day it was up, a big surprise to us, as we had 50+ likes on each project at that point.

Then, we had 2 nominations for featured. One was for the monkey, and one for this music. The one that was featured wound up being the music project, and we acted as any newcomer would. A celebration topic! Within 3 weeks, we had a feature. This also lead to more suspicion, as the project was rather advanced.
As we were featured, we received lots of praise from the forum. This was crazy to everyone, this 3 week old Hopscotcher being featured and getting all these likes! The music project was amazing, but didn't get as many likes as we hoped. This may be because it was not as visually appealing.

We believed that it was time to announce... but wait- we could still gather more information with this account! Gilberto had wanted to share a long time ago, but PopTart made sure Gilberto didn't share. He wanted to share really badly but she made sure he kept it a secret. We decided to try begging for likes. Our goal was to see how people would react. We got some people to lash out a bit, others to show slight sympathy, and even more to show that Hopscotch wasn’t about likes.

That helped us realize that you can very quickly ruin your reputation on Hopscotch by simply making a topic. We continued this by saying that we didn't get enough likes, and that it was unfair. We made sure to have grammatical errors.

In the end, this whole experiment showed that the “popular” people don't get all the likes, good projects do! We noted that we also received multiple shoutouts, and that people loved our projects!

This was a great experience for all of us that went into the Tapioca account, and proved a lot to us. If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask!

Note from PT: All "Gilberto"s were written by her.even that one.

Nobody likes my projects
Hopscotch news crew!
Why are they more special?
I am doing an experiment
Help with popularity struggle?
The 'Popular' and the 'Unpopular'

I'll respond on this account if there are any questions. :D


Nice to know. Love the experiments. (I was a about to do this.)
Edit: Nuuuuu! Gilbert beat me again.


Actually, before this was revealed, I thought you (I mean Tapioca) had been hacked! XD

To me, it seemed like a completely different person was on your account. It just seemed like such a sudden change in personality.


Are you done with the account now? If so, I think you should give it to the people on the forum.


Exactly what we were looking for! :D

We wanted to see how people would react to that change! :D


I thought that @Tapioca64 was hacked too. XD

Question: How long did it take for to write this? XD
It's so... Long. XD


Maybe 20-30 minutes. :D


Okie. Well Gilbert and Poptart. Great experiment!


@Gilbert189, can you do a doc with me? I want to say something.


Somepeople aren't top knock coders like you guys are and even if you made a good project a lot of people don't see it so even if you make a good project doesn't mean it'll get popular so this project just proved that you have to make AMAZING AMAZING MAGMAPOP! Things to get known. I've made a lot of good projects (Said so by my Digital Essentials teacher and @CosineStudios) but I'm still not know by a lot so ipthis project only proved that you have to have LOTS of experience


By the way I don't mean any harm to anyone I'm just a little disappointed


It proved you can start from nowhere and become popular. :D

It's not easy, but "popular" people don't get all the likes.


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It's just same coders who are great coders don't get that much attention and it's all focused on you and other people. Some people make one good project then just do other things. :frowning: and many people get sad from that. So I don't really understand what this project was proving but It didn't prove you can rise above and conquer the world :smiling_imp:


Oh my goodness, that's sooooo cool!

What did I do?

'Lash out?'
'Show that Hopscotch wasn't about likes?'


I fixed a typo ;D
Hope you don't mind :D
Also, cool experiment!
Tapioca is yummy..yum


Oh my goodness! This is the smartest possible way to prove that amazing projects get likes! You guys are so clever! Amazing job!

(I feel weird saying this, but reading the last few sentences made me cry of joy)

This is so touching that you guys did this! :smile:


Thats an amazing experiment! That's so smart!


I'm kinda sad, I really loved your account...