Our feelings on forum and ideas/wishes for it



Your making it seem like it's a huge seperation, people that chat still discuss hopscotch and you can still tag people.


It can be huge separation if people make it out to be. There are already cracks between coders and talkers- we don't see eye to eye on everything- and I don't want them to grow larger. Sorry for the weird metaphor.


Well some people are on both types of topics, I've seen you on many coding topics :sweat_smile:


Oh, I've never seen a coder lash out at someone because of their general topic before. Besides, coders can then have their own little realm for coding. Why should they care about general topics if there's clearly a separation?

And normally, different general topics signify different friend groups, like Pix's, Shive's or Disky's.


To be honest, there aren't that many people that stay on the forum without using Hopscotch or another coding language nowadays. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Hmm, why don't you want them to grow larger? What's wrong with that?


Sorry but could you rephrase this, I can't really understand if you're saying that so many people are coders here or aren't? :sweat_smile:


Not on their own general topic. But really, you saw the argument me and @TheAcingGamer had. And there will be others.

And honestly, while I may have something resembling a "friend group," I want to make other friends. And I don't care if they're coders or talkers.


I don't know. Probably the reason is related to why Scratch is annoying for some people; it's too big of a community. I have to do mi practice math test now lel


I don't want to have a huge separation from the coders. I want to actually talk to them, treat them like humans, because they are humans. I don't want the forum to be split into two teams- "Coders" and "Talkers."


I'm on many coding topics?


This right here is a topic discussing hopscotch.
Also I think it would be more categories like "collars" and "help with code" and not divisions.


I don't know.. it just seems like it would end up like that.

Maybe I'm just being silly, but we really should try not to shoot down the possibility of friendships with "coders" or "talkers." We'll regret it later.


Well, I consider myself kinda in between but I suppose I'm more of a coder.
Would you consider me a friend, on the forum?

Even I found you dont, it doesn't stop friendships from forming, it'll be like right now except a little more organised.


Sure! I just met you, but you seem nice!


Yeah, kinda in the middle.
For starters, you're not here often. :confused:
But you are a great friend!


That proves that both "coders", people that prefer to discuss coding on the forum, and "talkers", people that's prefer to chat on the forum, can speak to each other freely.

Its just putting topics into categories. :slight_smile:

@DECODECO, I'm on here pretty much every day. :sweat_smile:


I'm in the middle too.
I draw, code, and random POTATO talk XD




Hi @Liza! I think the forum could use two or three leaders to help moderate a little better. Have you had any luck finding anyone yet? :)

I also think a good category to add would be one for coding contests!