Our feelings on forum and ideas/wishes for it



We already have tons of highly-encouraged random posts. A category for Random would be a great way to separate the code from the off-topic!


Will it make coding topics come back?


Lots of coding topics already exist, they just sort of disappear because they no longer get any attention.


It would at least separate the two categories and make it easier for people who have coding problems to get their problem fixed faster. ^^


That's what I don't like.


Yeah, a "code" category would help with this for sure!


But there isn't really an instant fix for that. You can't control what people click on upon entering the "Newest" tab.


That would stop them from being buried beneath a surge of general topics, but many people wouldn't bother to enter the "code" section at all. :/


I disagree. If you're on this forum, you probably use the app, too. To be honest, I'd mute everything that was in Random.


That isn't all that true, actually. I know tons of people who don't even have the app anymore. You would be surprised how many forumers have lost it. Some of them plan to download it again when they have the opportunity, but some don't.


Which is better: the first or the second photo?

Also, even if those people exist, there are also lots of other people who do use Hopscotch often, like JonnyGamer or UnderagedCoder1.


Erp, the second photo is kind of inaccurate. I'll get those junk topics out of the way.


Love this topic, I've been trying to make something like this, but this is amazing

I'll be editing on quotes


They exist, but they don't make up everyone. About the pictures- have no problem with general topics simply because my friends on hopscotch are just that- friends. I don't want to talk about coding all the time with my friends, and I know I'm not the only one. I have no other place to talk with them, so I have to talk here. But I think the first picture is better because I don't think general topics should dominate the forum. We need a healthy balance.


oops @Rawrbear
I thought the second topic was the "bad" one you were trying to show. Apologies :P


Check the second one again. Clean, eh? xD

I'm not against general topics at all. In fact, I think this forum is a great way to communicate to each other without clogging up your project feed in Hopscotch. But the thing is, general topics won't just go away if you tell people to stop posting. Something would have to be done by THT in order for there to be less general topics. With categories, it would split the general topics and the code topics evenly in order for people to be able to see the forum without general topics.


I agree, the splitting thing is a good idea.

But, if people just stay in one side, it stops interactions between coders and talkers.

It could promote distance between the two sides. They wouldn't have very high opinions of each other, and when they go into the same topic, it could end up in a flame war.

I don't want to create any more distance between "The House of Capulet," and "The House of Montague."


This would be such an awesome feature, it would also be easier to help someone in a topic as you wouldn't have to dig through heaps of General topics to find topics needing help.


Why does separation matter that much in the first place? Coders can do their stuff while everyone else can do theirs. It benefits us coders more, as it's hard to find coding topics without getting rid of the general topics. ^^

I'm also pretty sure that if the two sides were separated, it wouldn't necessarily lead to a flame war unless the two people didn't like each other in the first place. My point here is, why would there be a flame war because of a separation? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


It could happen. I know some people don't have a very high opinion of us talkers already, and I don't want it to get worse.

I just don't want to create clear divisions, and eliminate the possibility of friendship between coders and talkers. :/