Our feelings on forum and ideas/wishes for it



Yes. It would be wonderful if we had another place where we could just talk, but we don't, so we have to settle for the forum.

@Liza, what post/topic are you referring to?


Ah, nvm. Thanks!


Yes and now, maybe. We're thinking of new ways to manage the forum and improve it in general.


A random category would be great! I know people keep saying that the forum is for hopscotch- but I see the forum as a way of finding friends, real ones. And pardon me for not wanting to talk about coding all the time with my friends.

It would be a lot of trouble to create another website for hopscotch users about talking about non-related things, so a random category is a great solution!




probably because she mentioned a condition. oh no, what an offending word. MUST FLAG MUST FLAG


Oh, thanks!

Yeah, I like those ideas. Some useful categories might be "Chatting," for general topics and such, "Coding Clubs" for coding groups that aren't exactly collabs, etc.

I really do agree that we need better moderation. There are a lot of people being mean and off-topic, and the most we forumers can do is flag. You guys (THT) aren't on much, so we need a way to moderate well when you aren't on. hint hint, kid leaders XD


Let's stay on topic and respond to what Liza asked. Is that ok? :slight_smile:


I agree, but if there aren't enough members they'd have to hire people specifically when they could give some sort of abilities, but not leader, to some of the trusted members on the forum.

Maybe they could do a few trial runs to see how it go's with kids that have more authority then regular, but not leader. :slight_smile:


I think it got flagged because the tone was very aggressive.


That also makes sense. But that was on topic, @Rodrigo, so I'm just: ????


I am just asking why is that post (that's shouldn't be flagged) flagged


Guys, Rodrigo's right. We should get back on topic.


Okay, before someone lounges this or flags this or whatever, let's stop arguing about A's flagged post and about the subject at hand.


I know, I know, I myself talked about getting on topic literally a minute ago but:

Okay, wait a second, A got suspended??? What??? @Rodrigo, um, WHAT??


this is how messed up this place is
she didn't deserve it

fine I'll get back on topic


It's not just about this incident, she's done mean stuff before.

Let's just get back on topic XD


Still, that's, um.. brutal..
anyways, fine, let's GBOT then.


Sorry I took so long to give my views on this post, I just saw it. :sweat_smile:

I like the idea of having a "random" section although I think that would hugely encourage more random posts and topics.

Changing the amount of flags to close a topic was a great idea, and will save a lot of new topics being made.

This is off-topic now but I was also wondering, would it be possible for THT to enforce the no-alts when you have a suspension rule. It has caused a lot of flames topics on the forum in recent months



Maybe we should talk about an automatic flagging system?

The problem with that, I think, is that the bot could flag things that didn't deserve flagging just based on language.