Our feelings on forum and ideas/wishes for it




Though we do need some off topicness


Personally, I think we should have stricter moderation. A good way to do that would probably be kid leaders, because THT is busy and they can't be on much.


my mood changes like the wind. Sometimes I'm nice and respectful, sometimes..
coughargumentwithmin coughregularbasedmeltdown



Yeah and going overboard with the smiley faces


Definitely. I'd be bored if it was all about Hopscotch and we couldn't even talk to our friends.


It gets annoying


Totally. We would lose 70% of forumers if we created and enforced rules about not being able to talk about random things.


I feel that for a forum this big, active, that there has to be Atleast another few moderators either members of THT or regular hopscotchers.


It would be fine if we had another place to talk to our hopscotch friends, but we don't. I consider my friends on here real friends, and I don't want to talk to my real friends about coding all the time.


I think that maybe the only mods should be THT, and there should be kid leaders but no kid mods.


We have to remember that there are many of chat-websites for talking about your daily life, this forum is for hopscotch.


I think that there should be a General Topic category for those who would rather talk to friends, not about code.


But on those chat-websites, I can't talk to friends I've made just on hopscotch. I can't talk to Malty, Dudey, Pix, Emmabug, Phe, Ellie, or TFS on those chat websites.
(Not including mystic and lav on that list bc I can text them)


Sorry, I like smileys :stuck_out_tongue:

I usually ignore posts that are rude, so if you post something offensive, the answer is yes.


What if people had two general topics- one for talking about code, and another for talking about their general lives?


Exactly. We do need a way to talk to our HS friends.


Did you guys see the ideas in my post? I'm curious what you think about them.


Makes it seem like the 'oh you can do it! :3' people are trying to talk


Wait, which post? XD