Our feelings on forum and ideas/wishes for it



You shouldn't need to find tricks to get past swear words because you shouldn't use them


Should I lounge this?

Oh wait
Mia don't lounge it yet


Oh sorry
It's okay dude


Simple words that arent bad are blocked

For example

Thats just elementary my dear child

Quote it and look for yourself


Please don't lounge it, @Sweetlina, @t1_hopscotch. I'm a member, and I believe I've proven my right to be here. I really don't like it when people lounge things for no reason, I consider it a bit offensive. Please don't D:


What if i want to make a point.


You will earn regular eventually


This is covered as it could be used for someone to reveal where they go to school..

@Rodrigo Are THT going to take action against the off-topic parts of the forum, I'm just wondering as there has been many "rant" topics?
Sorry if I sound annoying, I like the forum as it is and you all moderate the forum well already. :slight_smile:


Boi some of us lost regular


k is my first time pal

I don't know why you are offended


Must of been a reason why...
You dont lose it randomly


What about ipad away

Thats blocked


So, guys, how do you feel the moderation could be improved? Do you feel it's fine as it is? :D


I've been on for more then a year. I'm aware I'll earn it eventually, because I already have- I just lost it. :P


Guys, let's GBOT.

Remember, just don't reply to rude posts ;3



I've seen 4-5 people who didnt know how they lost regular


Your smiley faces dont help

Are you just going to simply ignore me


I feel like the forum is too nice


Me included :P

I do believe we need new leaders- and also new mods, because THT doesn't have time to approve or deny every flag.