Our feelings on forum and ideas/wishes for it



We have the Hopscotch Team too, remember.


Well ya ok...
I only know 1 leader currently which is Liza
All the others seemed to have left


@awesomeonion is a leader and she still looks on the forum. She was posting on Liza's account though.


Who was the founder of hs?


Rodrigo and Montoya are leaders :)


Heard that it was too hard to moderate all the leaders at the time, so 2-3 sounds pretty good. BTW awesomeonion is a she


I think Montoya left :(


He did??



I am a leader! And I'm a she :slight_smile:

Samantha John
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Oh, whoops! Sorry about that :)


Thanks everyone, sorry I haven't gotten back to you all yet (would love to add all your notes too) I am going to discuss with THT and want you to be a part of it!!


Nice topic!
I do agree that we need our leaders. The current leaders, aka the hopscotch team, are adults who cannot afford to be on the forum often. They have spouses, children. And I, in particular, know a toddler takes up a huge amount of time.

But we can't ban general topics.

I'm traveling all over the world. I have no friends that I see in real life anymore. Without the ability to talk like friends, we would lose so much. I would lose so much. I'm being honest here- if the forum was changed into a place where you could only talk about coding, around 70% of the forum would leave, myself included.


Thanks so much for organizing this conversation, @t1_hopscotch. We really appreciate everyone's input and are listening to your suggestions :eyes:.

A few thoughts on your thoughts:

  1. We need to make it more obvious what the forum is about, since a big complaint is that most of the conversations here aren't about building on Hopscotch. We agree, and think we can change the product (the forum) to make it easier to stay on topic. We could do this through adding more specific categories, like "Debug my code", "Bugs in Hopscotch", "Collabs"
  2. We need to create a small place for off-topic conversations, since we know they will happen. We could add a "Random" category. Then, if something off topic is posted in another category, it will be obvious that it should be closed.
  3. To help focus people on what the forum is about when they login, we could change the homepage so that the categories are more obvious and show some of the things happening in them, like Twitter does in their forum:

  4. Lastly, we do need to make it easier for members to moderate. We are going to think about the best way to do this. I just changed the number of flags required to close a topic, so hopefully this happens less often for now. Making it harder to flag topics is a little trickier and we need to investigate how best to do this.

What kinds of categories do you think would be most helpful? (We want them to be used to shape conversation around building in Hopscotch, which is the goal of the forum :slight_smile: )

Thanks again,
Liza, @awesomeonion, and @Rodrigo


Guys, Rodrigo asked a question and waswondering if a few people could answer it. As always, Thanks!


It's because we have too much freedom on this forum. Maybe we can make more word blocks to stop others from saying certain words and get topics not close enough to Hopscotch closed.


Can you send us an email about this? I'd like to know what words you would like us to consider adding to the blocked list. Our email is help@gethospcotch.com.



Gotcha @Liza . I've got some things I can help code into the system too.


This is the topic Rodrigo is talking about


Oh another one

The fame....... OHHHH BOYY™
Why does fame matters? It won't get you money. Unless you are that famous. Hopscotch fame won't get you anywhere. Unless you are famous at coding. Then maybe you can get a coding job. Forum fame is useless. You won't get anything in return. The drawing topics won't give you fame. It will just get replies and that's it. If you are look for more replays and likes, then that is just sad. The forum is about coding... well not anymore. Coding is just out of the window. Do you see coding topics that often. NO BUD! YOU DON'T!

Fame is nothing. It will give you more hate. People will not like you and you have to deal with it. If you can't deal with it.... then I don't think you can handle fame. You are fine just being yourself.

Are we just lying about ourselves? Do we just fake a personality so people will like us?! Why? We do it for the fame. Or you think nobody will like your actual personality. Guys. Why? We all deserve the truth but none of us is giving it. Hats off to the people that shows their true selves.


Nice! Thanks for the tag!

I think we need a better moderation system, slightly stricter rules, and more on-topicness :D