Our feelings on forum and ideas/wishes for it

Sorry, I just like smiley faces insert smiley face here

Well sometimes they bring irritation if you use them too much

Not to me I guess :)

Let’s not start up another disagreement in another topic. Let’s stop now ;)


have you ever thought of other people

Yeah, I always try to be nice and help others and spread positivity ;)

im not replying to this disagreement anymore now to avoid clogging the topic :)

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Other people that are tired of positivity shoved in their face

Here’s a wish:
The forum should have some futuristic system that deletes bad posts. This would eliminate the hassle of flags and suspension.

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Thanks @Mr.rex, I have written down what you said :smile: I see that you must be feeling frustrated about the clamours around suspensions and flags. hmm if only the forum could take care of every bad thing that will be posted, haha I was actually just reading about it the other day:

(Other people were suggesting a similar feature for Discourse, the software that this forum uses.)


Hi @AmiiboTrash :slight_smile: I see it sounds like you think we are doing something worthless/fretting about something worthless (I saw you mention on other topics :slight_smile: I’m not placing anything as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, I am just stating that you must be feeling that way)
I have included how you’re feeling too anyway (I could put it that this place is a constructed environment or something? I have seen others express similar threads of thoughts.)


thanks for including one of my other posts in the topic!

People accuse others of “wanting likes and support” too much. This has happened for a long time, though. The first time this has been brought out, people were only complaining about the people who begged for likes. But these days, everyone who gets caught hinting to people to give them likes and they aren’t famous, then people will just put huge paragraphs about it in their faces. They might seem informative to any other person, but to the victim, it might feel like “You’re terrible. Go get a life and do something else no matter how boring it might be.”. If you’re still confused what I mean; I am saying that every person who wants to get likes a lot doesn’t deserve to be delivered these “informative” info. They don’t need it unless:

They beg for likes.

They pretend to have a disability (or something similar) for support.

They start drama or tell others to start drama for attention.

So basically stuff like that, people who do that stuff are the ones who need informative paragraphs. Also, accusing people of wanting to be popular happens even when the victim didn’t do the three things listed above, it’s like people think of accusing like this as a hobby.

That’s all I gotta say about it.


Nice topic!


Theres wars, one certain topic being closed from drama and other stuff

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cool topic t1

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Nice topic! Maybe there could also be a thing where people can only flag something if it is actually flag-worthy, so like maybe a thing where the flagged post could be processed by system or something? I know that you can’t really make that happen but, hey, it’s just an idea.


I think that we should have a 2-3 leaders and 1 moderator. Sometimes there are big flame-wars and THT isn’t there to close the topic. Leaders/mods would also be helpful to confirm/un-confirm flags and such. They can merge duplicate topics together and they have many other abilities. Although the team won’t do this soon I’m thinking, I hope that they consider it throughout the next few months.


What @MiNi said ^^^^^^^^^^^

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I think 5-6 leaders would be better because 2-3 wouldn’t be there for most flame wars


Actually, in my opinion I think that’s too many. Last time (based on what I’ve read) when they added more leaders it got out of hand.
Plus, then the requirements for leader might be easier to achieve.


I just think 2 is toooooo small