Our feelings on forum and ideas/wishes for it



Don't think it is a good idea to mention any names. Delete it maybe?


No i wont

Its a chatroom board thing thats quite...mature

I dont think anyone cares about me talking about it


Hi @Dude73 :smile: I was going to make a new topic, but remembered that there was this one also. I guess since then the forum has changed again, and maybe our ideas, but let's talk about it :blush: We'll see how this goes, but if we need to make a new topic, then we can do that (e.g. I think people tend to see new topics more)


Awesome, thank you so much!

So, to start off (gah, so formal!), I believe I saw a post of yours stating that you didn't think the actual coding platform this forum is based on doesn't get enough attention. :P


:smile: Don't worry!! And hmm, I think I meant that it felt like there was a lack of focus on its mission, I guess it's hard though. (I was discussing Hopscotch's values and the forum in another discussion too.) — sorry it sounds like my post that you saw must have been confusing :thinking: I wasn't thinking so much about the attention on the app, but it sounds like you have something to add :blush:

Edit: I will have to be off for now but I will check on later. Thank you again for this :relaxed:


Ah, that makes more sense. :P

I'm not sure so much about my opinion, I'm researching all of the options before making a researched opinion. Right now, I could say that more thought could be put towards content in both the forum and app. It's difficult to say, with such an age difference around here. XD


Hi Dude73, sorry for the delay (I think I made the edit in my previous post too late, but I just had to go off for a bit before) :smile: And okay I see you are taking a look around :blush: I think it's lovely you want to do that.

And yeah hmm, I see there is more that could be added for the app and the forum :thinking:


That's completely fine, We're both pretty busy. :joy:

I completely agree! There's so much potential for things around here, for both the platforms themselves and users. :P


Using tags like this more often:

The community guidelines states not to post innapropriate / violent content, but never said anything about referencing/heavy referencing it. And people are allowed to draw the scenes of these kinds of games that aren't inappropriate. Some people aren't as fine with these though, but I don't think that these should be completely banned because:

1- My general topic would literally burn down with the amount of heavy referencing of a horror game series.
2- It takes away some freedom of speech to some forumers.
3- It's not even against the rules and generally isn't scary unless a forumer sees a dark meaning behind it and it seriously scares them.

So what I think should happen? More topics with these kinds of posts should have a certain tag on it, if someone doesn't want to see it then they can mute it. It's that easy, if they still want to talk with that person then they should invite them to their own general topic.


sorry for double post lol

Also, I think there should be this topic where you can
make a post there reporting someone for having inappropriate profile content, since you can't just flag them for it. It will also stop people from creating topics about it, since it brings too much attention to whoever's being reported. What I said about referencing content like that should still be taken into consideration unless it seriously disturbs a forumer.

I have seen two topics before, each one reporting about an inappropriate profile. (first one had a song with seemingly inappropriate lyrics, the second one contained racial slurs) The victim of the first one changed it quickly, the second one was suspended and nobody heard from them again


I think it shouldn't be on the person to mute it because it would be most of the forum hmm... I have more concerns that you want to talk about something that is considered violent content. It sounds okay if someone wants to draw a scene that isn't an inappropriate one though.

These are not concrete terms with precise definitions — avoid even the appearance of any of these things.

And yeah that is important, with content in profiles. You can let us know privately if you come across anything concerning.


Lately I've seen a lot of people disappointed in the current state of the forum, and I'd like to share my thoughts on that.

Users are saying things about how much they loved summer last year, how they didn't like certain changes, how nobody remembers them anymore. Well, guess what? I remember all of them. <3 I do remember how much fun last summer was. I am disappointed in some certain changes on the forum. Sometimes I do wonder if people still "remember me". But, really think about this, do I dwell on the past? No, not much.

What I want to get across to y'all is that, sure, maybe we have been through some things that we don't like, but what does it do to dwell on the past and forget the future? Nothing. You can't change the past, and I think some people on here are so hooked up on changing the past that they forget that you can change the future. If you want something to be changed, go for it. Yes, I know some things are unchangeable, but it really doesn't do anything when you worry about it.


Well written! I do miss summer 2016 and I do wonder if people will remember me. Then I always that we have to move on. We can't hold onto the past.


This is a great topic. Do you think we should make one for the Hopscotch app?