Our feelings on forum and ideas/wishes for it



Well if they end up making an off-topic area and a rule that off-topicness in any other categories will be closed.....
When they DO do that....


New categories have been added!



This is awesome!! :)


I wanted to address this earlier, I think this could be really useful too :smiley: but the new categories have been added now haha. As for the organising part, we could focus more on doing so when we make a new topic or when we use a topic just for now, rather than older topics – and also we do have a lot of regulars in the forum too


Hey t1, this is random, but is it true that the former Help With Code topics are going to be deleted? D:


Hey @treefrogstudios :smiley: I did not know about that :frowning: I had only just got here :joy: but from what it sounded like, it looks like it's just that the category eventually won't be used anymore?


Well, they're uneditable, and I heard @Rawrbear and @CreativeCoder talking about them being deleted?


Yeah, I think they'll be removed in a week. I forgot where I saw it; I'll find it again. ^^;


Edit: I don't know why this won't onebox but this might help?


@liza good job on the catagories

Idk if I should be posting that here but k


Wow!! This update for the forum is AWESOME!!!

@Liza, what's happening to the "Help With Code" topics?


I think in about a week, you won't be able to reply on them anymore, but you'll still be able to see them. :)


Oh, I thought they were going to be removed entirely. :sweat_smile:


I'm so glad there is this topic so we can all share our views :smile:

I've got a few comments/ ideas:
I was thinking about the flamey topics where people post first and think later. We could maybe have a pop-up that says 'Are you sure you want to post this?' or similar so people think twice and don't reply in anger.

Leaders. I think we need leaders back, but lots (like 1/2 the regulars lots) because then we'll always have lots of people on who can help if things get nasty and then we won't have to wait for a few people to be on (we can't always expect the team to be on to solve our problems straight away). This would stop things before they get extreme.

Quick reply. If someone helps you, it feels like just liking that post isn't enough. People always say 'Thanks!' and just dodge the character rule. Could we maybe have quick reply buttons (like on iOS 10 iMessage) so the Forum isn't clogged up, as the character rule is there for a reason.

Flags. Instead of a flag counting automatically to your flag count (to hide topics etc.), the first flag someone does could be a warning. After a few warnings, then the flags become legitimate.

I'm aware that some of these may not be possible as Discource may not offer them...


Wow thanks for sharing all those :open_mouth::smiley:

And thanks so much plus apologies for everyone's replies, I have read and really appreciate them all. At the moment I've been going a bit crazy with the new forum update :grin::joy: and hmm I wasn't quite sure what to do about this before, but now I think I could probably make another wiki post since the first one reached a character limit.


I really want children to know good child safe chatting places
Not every single one is good for children and this is one thats good


you must be my twin. and yes, I agree.


I wanted to add, yeah it is hard being yourself isn't it – with your own wishes, and others' thoughts too... :thought_balloon:


Hi @AmiiboTrash :smile: (I am glad to see you are able to come back again) and yeah – this one has friendly people plus moderation from community flags, other places can have inappropriate stuff in lots of places... :pensive: not many places that you hear of for children to chill out in a safe environment


I got a bit angry talking about 4chan (Seriously DO NOT GO on there until you are like 18 years old)