Our feelings on forum and ideas/wishes for it



Yep, I've read lots of topics about how to get leader, what qualifications you need, etc. :blush:
@t1_hopscotch were you a former moderator/leader?:slight_smile:


Hi MiNi! :smile: (I would heart but I have run out :cry: so here you go :heart:) Wow it sounds like you've really looked through lots! so yes I did used to be moderator/leader (but it was a while ago now).
I must go so bye for now!! :wave:


Right, so there's still heaps more that I want to address but I have sort of been looking through quite a bit, around the place in general, and I think it might be good for me to cool down for a bit before going on haha so I'm taking a small break for now :blush: (it is night where I am at the moment) so I'm sorry about not being able to get back to people for tomorrow.

Generally we're probably feeling pretty frustrated or riled about this matter, to some extent at least (or some other words that I learnt and thought gave names to other things that I've been feeling in various life states too — irked, petulant, ruffled – but anyway) I can we are pretty concerned about all this.


Okay, bye :wave:! This is a great topic, by the way!


:blush: I've added Liza's now too.

Oooh hmm I was thinking a larger general category under which we can have all creativity and the sort of general topics, with more of an emphasis on... connections?

An example I was thinking was you sign up for an extra class related to a particular area or something (e.g. sport club, dancing club, coding club etc) and you meet people and maybe you become friends, and discover there are a whole heap of things that cross with your love of what you were doing, but also other things and hobbies and shared interests that you have. And you think they're so awesome that you want to hear about whatever it is that they're working on, whatever they're learning or creating. (Okay I feel very in awe of a lot of people and I do want to see everything that they're up to)

I think maybe a part of the lounge's reason for existence might have been to cover this — for users who want to extend their conversations maybe — but it was meant to be in private, whereas we wanted things to be accessible.

one of my dreams is that we Hopscotchers get to work on things together and with others when we're older :sparkles: like being part of a community and staying friends and you just make stuff together hehe... and dream about the world together...

Whoopsies I went on for a bit too much again... but that was just an extra idea for something that might be touched upon... I also dreamed if later on we had a separate site where we could focus on that and have that as our values, but it's a bit more outside the scope here. I hadn't looked much but I guess sort of how there is this site where people have interesting discussions, their focus is on human thought and rationality but it is very broad — from science to philosophy.

Anyway I was just thinking of that general theme, but I wasn't really sure how to describe it :upside_down:

Hey @TheAcingGamer :blush: you must have been feeling frustrated, making all your topics too, and you do care a lot about the content of this community. And I see you think putting things in place to limit topics more to Hopscotch would be helpful :slight_smile: I have put that in the topic as well.

(it was thanks to your topic that had me on a spur to make this one too :relaxed:)


@OnceUponATime I can see you're really concerned about not getting to have discussions with friends anymore, and a possibility of growing divide in the forum if it were to be split into coding/non-coding or talking etc.

@AmiiboTrash it sounds like you must be feeling tired of being told things around here, told to not stray... I'm sorry that you won't get to see this though, it seems like :(

@PumpkinGirl I see you've enjoyed and would like the forum being on focus more :relaxed: although I havent been able to get round to it right now, I would like to keep adding what you've said too :smile:

and @T_T thanks for joining in :smile: (even though you might not see this reply :cry:) I know that this has been a focus for you as well.

and hi @Rawrbear :slight_smile: I see you think we'd all benefit from separating categories, and illustrating with photos too!

Just quick messages :blush: even though there is more that I would like to do (including adding everything that you've all said).


and @lollypopcorn and @treefrogstudios I can really see you've been trying to respond calmly, just in general :blush: it can be really hard.

aand thanks @Sweetlina, @UnderagedCoder1 and @JonnyGamer for the edits! :smiley:

There's much I would like to add for everyone; it is night here now though :sleeping:


Nah, it isn't over the top, I like that idea too!

I don't really like it when people put topics into lounge because "this is a mature conversation-" I know a multitude of members who are kind, mature, and deserve to have their voices heard. But I understand why people do it when one member in particular is making trouble.

And yeah, I'm worried about the divide and not being able to converse with friends. Everything is changing so quickly, I can't really keep up.


Those are really good ideas @Liza! I also have a few points that I want to suggest, here are them:
1. Edit banned words. There are some words that aren´t banned that people don´t are sure if they could use, maybe you could take a closer look at the list for banned words? Also, there are some words like adres-s that I think shouldn´t be banned, it is bad if you tell your adres-s but what if you want to ask for THT´s email adres-s?
2 Make it easy to contact you. Some people don´t have access to their email so they can´t email you that easy, maybe you could make a button here on the forum that you can tap and then write your message. After that, all the people at THT would get it and then they could reply by email to the user or make a PM with their answer. Maybe this link would help you: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5773174/html-button-to-send-email

These are two suggestions that I have, you at THT are making a really nice job with both Hopscotch and the Forum, you should always have that in mind! :slight_smile:


How I'm feeling about flagging

People are just flagging when they disagree with something or they think it's offensive to somebody. At least that's what it looks like. People shouldn't decide what's offensive to someone else. That's your own choice, not for some kid who you don't even know. I guess people feel like they are trying to protect other kids from certain posts. Some people do have good reasons to flag, but they are abusing it. Also, don't overflag. You're closing topics that really don't need to be closed, they. can be solved without flagging.


I really like the idea of the separate categories but others believe that it would divide the forum, what are your views??

Also, this topic is really really great!!


Okay before I continue, I should comment: I don't want to process ideas so much yet, but I do want the top post to be readable :slight_smile: I was taking a look and thought some of our concerns are related to the content of the forum, others are related to conflicts, so I have put broad banners of 'content' and 'conflict'.

What do you think? — I can change it back easily :blush: and not everything falls under those, nor is a concern tied to just one of those, but I added it to aid ideas being surfaced more.

and I was going to comment on this:

(I would like to have others' views first :smile:) but I see that you're curious about mine :upside_down: I think overall, generally it is along the line of what we've all been suggesting here, as for my personal views, i think it would make things easier overall but I can't really vouch on anything that I'm saying :joy:


@t1_hopscotch I think you have organised the post pretty well, I can read it and understand everything quite easily.


Thanks for that @MR.GAM3R :smile:

I was thinking about doing something similar for the ideas too; I think there are common threads of something categorising-related (I guess sort of tying back to content along with some other things) and management-related, and forum features.


Hey Sweetlina :smile: wow you must be pretty passionate; and I see you're talking about there being a focus on fame/reputation here, which I've added as well. Thanks again :slight_smile:


Woah there is a 32000 character limit on posts apparently... :joy: I'll see what I can do, but got in some more of what we've said.



Oooh, that's not good. At last resort, try taking out some quotes in the categories with more than 5 of them. Other than that, maybe The Hopscotch Team can help you. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Thanks @Rawrbear! I never would have thought of that; I will see how things go.

(I am off for now if anyone happens to visit :sleeping:)


@t1_hopscotch This is kind of interesting, I tried this out by making a post with over 4000 characters (I used an online Lorem Ipsum generator) and it was no problems to post it. I think it should be the same with topics. Here is a screenshot with some of the text:
Currently removed because of a details box that don´t work.

However, here is the character count:


Wow, this looks great so far - but there's still no category for random topics to store general topics and such inside of. If we're trying to find the code content easily, we'll need to filter out the miscellaneous topics from the code categories first. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯