Our feelings on forum and ideas/wishes for it



What if someone can't be 100% honest all the time (such as me) just so they don't hurt anybody's feelings?


If you want to talk to coders, tag them on your general topic. Coders are humans, too. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Be yourself.


And try to have a good time




I was singing a song but k


Exactly, you were singing the song right. :blush:


But one time I nearly got flagged for making a topic describing why I don't like it when someone asks a question and all that someone else says is "idk".

And I really was showing who I am when I said that.

Also, If I really showed who I was I would get annoyed about 4 times more than I do here, and I would constantly correct people's grammar.


Be yourself
and try to have a good time
Be yourself
and try to have a
Haha haha yea
Haha haha yea yea


I don't support gays and people "get mad at me."
I still be myself.


Please don't argue about it, though. I'm totally against it too, but no one likes LGBTQ flame wars. ^^;


I'll try to make peace with people and set aside our differences. :blush:


I know. I just can't handle it when people are mad at me in any way XD

But if you really are fine with being myself, then I could try until too many people are angry with me :P


@t1_hopscotch I love how u put it all togother I had this in kind as well and I want to make loke a BIG topic about Rules on Hopscotch people's opinion e.t.c. (on HS and HF


Yeah, it is. I play games with global chats that have the nastiest comments I've ever seen.


Really great to see you on this topic, @Liza. Thanks for posting here and giving us some reassurance. :)

As for categories, you could do something like this (inspired by the Scratch forums):

-Announcements from THT
-New projects
-Help with Code
-Feature Ideas
-New Hopscotchers
-Contests and Challenges
-Questions about Hopscotch

You add an off-topic one perhaps, or one for stuff for other topics like drawings, technology, and creativity.


I don't really know, I like how this forum is bright and colorful unlike most forums though!


I agree! A lot of forums look really dull, but the logo and design of this forum is SOO amazing!!


Yeah, me too! We have such a great community! :D


Can we make it together with my old topic?