Our feelings on forum and ideas/wishes for it

hello this is where we will write down everything that we are feeling and all the ideas and wishes that we have :blush:

I stress that it’s okay to feel whatever it is you’re feeling, and that we aren’t crossing off any ideas before we put them on :smiley: Also by everyone, I mean everyone here and THT too. I am taking what you’re feeling seriously. I am going to start off by collecting what others have been saying elsewhere.

How we’re feeling


The place is different from what we've been used to, different to what we've expected
we like having discussions and interesting conversations and just having fun with others on here, even if it feels off-topic. The forum/Hopscotch is the only place where we can do this
There are still on-topic posts, although we may see it differently (that they are still here, or that there aren't enough)
We can be off-topic
One of the things that we use general topics for is discussing things that don't quite require their own separate topics
The forum feels like it is not about Hopscotch any more
This place feels really off topic.
We have younger audiences and people who are looking up to us, and this place doesn't quite feel like something to look up to
We're not really sure what we all want this place to be right now
If we limited the forum from off-topicness, it would feel really upsetting for a lot of people.
  • when people come to the forum though, it can be hard to look for things
This is a nice place and community
  • we do feel there are very friendly people here (eg. just look at all the welcoming new people topics)


The forum is feeling chaotic very often
We are feeling powerless
Things feel a lot worse after we lost leaders
the forum requires a lot more time to watch over everything, and the Hopscotch Team can't always deal with everything
Some things are being flagged unnecessarily, and sometimes flagging doesn't addres</>s the problem
There are a lot of meta-discussions going on (meta is when you're talking about how things run) and we would like to get back into discussions
This is a constructed environment and too much is being put into this
It seems that there are many posts which are accusing people of seeking attention in what feels like a rough/uncaring manner.
It feels like there is much focus on fame/status here
Some things are lounged when they feel like they shouldn't be
There have been a lot of rant topics
  • it has felt like a lot of people want to leave the place


We can bring back/reinstate leaders and/or moderators
Have an off-topic area
report general topics
Have a separate category for general topics
there are some forum features that can maybe quickly sort a few things out
Automatic system for removing bad posts and/or dealing with flags
Add more categories/use categories as a default landing page
Filter out more words that are unrelated to Hopscotch
Update the list of banned words
Update forum rules/management of forum rules
Have flags checked along with adding a comment alongside flag
Having two general topics for different purposes
Extend the use of tags in the forum
Make it easier to contact Hopscotch Team


People have expressed concerns with ideas too

Concerns on categories
On forum management

Sorry in advance if it takes me a while to add things, I am doing it.
(Also the order doesn’t mean anything, it is just a little all over the place) Some of these may overlap at the moment too (and that’s okay, just writing down things here.)


Nice topic, I saw your post on the other topic!


Here are some things that I’ve heard:

  • we want to be able to find things that we’re looking for
  • we would like to support each other
  • we don’t want lots of fights

but we can put them in when people mention specifically

Here are some ideas that I have:

  • if topics could be opened more readily, we wouldn’t have to worry so much about them being closed
  • the Groups feature would be a nice extra to use (in replacement of the manual tag lists, since they’re easier to use)
  • start off with the Categories as the default landing page for the forum and see where it goes (maybe we can view the home page as more for browsing and finding things)

(these are actually pretty quick to sort out)

I can start collecting how we’re feeling otherwise though, if we don’t have much to get started on :slight_smile:


I feel like the forum had a downhill after the leaders were demoted. People thought that there isn’t any more rules cause the leaders are gone. Everyone went wacko. This became a war zone. Everyday a flame war happens. At least someone gets upset everyday. No one became a leader and try to stop this. They just flag it and leave it. Like that will help. IT WON’T PAL. That just make them more angry. Argh this cycle. Please just get the leaders back. Go back to last summer where everyone was happy. What happened to those days? Why did everyone stop all of the sudden. Where’s all of the coding topics? WHAT HAPPENED! You know what happened? After the leaders demoted. This is what happens. Chaos.


thanks @Sweetlina :smile: I can see you are feeling frustrated and that chaotic things keep on happening all the time.

I will add to the top post.


what if t1 is an undercover tht guy like alish


Please GBOT. I don’t know what has gotten into you. Thanks.


Hi Anonymous :joy: no, but I am planning on sharing with the Hopscotch Team. In fact, I think they would really like to try something to be done too :blush:
I would also like to add their feelings.


Lol! :^)


@theacinggamer, on your topic, the purpose of general topics is mainly to talk about stuff that don’t need their own topics. Most people’s are -00% off toPic though. We need more like mine, where it’s sometimes off topic and sometimes on.


That would be odd.
What if you are?


I’ll vent in a hidden message.
<oh my DOG there’s a lot going on here! That’s why I’m inactive for about 3 weeks>


Flame Wars. Ohhh boy. You know there is something called emailing. Just email the dang team and they will solve it. Right? Well you know they have a life too. Sometimes they might be buys and take a long time to reply. Don’t always rely on them. You should be leaders and solve it. Don’t fuel the flame war with more drama. Try to STOP the flame war.

Most people on the forum don’t even use Hopscotch. They see the forum more than Hopscotch. That’s kind of sad.

Off topicness. Psh there isn’t that much on topicness anymore. It is very rare seeing a coding topic. Then most people ignore it! WHAT?

Role models. There are some younger people who look up to us. They are showing bad examples and they are following it! No! Please no!


I agree with this whole post :)


If that was true, it wouldn’t surprise me because t1_hopscotch is super nice and a real leader :D

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Oh @lollypopcorn I am really nothing… (that’s very lovely of you though :blush:)

Hopefully I get to include Hopscotch Team’s thoughts here too.

Whew there's a lot going on in this place hehe :)

At the same time I started going like ‘whew :relieved:, I can start to understand how people can get headaches from matters’, it makes me smile seeing Hopscotchers how they are hehe.


You aren’t nothing, you are the ultimate role model! ;D (and thanks ^.^)

I think that they should have two or three leaders on the forum to enforce the rules and help open topics that are closed do to flags that should stay open :)

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Ya’ll are too motivated and positive with a CHILDREN’S FORUM


No such thing \(^o^)/

<you can never be too positive!>


Plese stop the smiley faces
They are getting irritating