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Lately, many people have been saying that "Some people's profile pictures is scary" or "One project and every single one after it is the same genre" or "Why is this like that".

Well, what is common about them?

It's made by one person...
What is the thing that is made?


You might ask, 'Can we, as third party people, change his/her decision?'.

Talking about people around our age, or someone who hasn't been able to think for themselves, YES.
But up to a certain limit for those kinds of people. Well, things might go downhill...

For those slightly more mature, it's almost IMPOSSIBLE to change their mind. Because they have understood the meaning of RIGHTS.

Unless you're a leader of a group or a company (Collabs saying in Hopscotch terms), these individuals have already made the right decision that they think is appropriate.

I'm not trying to criticize anyone, including those who have mentioned the above sentences... But you know who you are.

This applies for EVERYBODY. I believe it applies to Hopscotch too.

Now, Unless you are the "democratic" kind of person (people who base their decision by their followers/others), this "rule" PROBABLY doesn't apply to you...

No offense...

For young readers, you might want to do the feedback and comment right now, because things might get boring after this line down here... :arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down:

We ALL have our own rights.

For young readers, if you have managed to get past the line and read on, Congratualtions! You have made something called a decision.

You ask, "Huh?"
Well, you actually decided to cross that barrier so that you could read on!

If you have not understood that, that's okay.
You're still too youngto understand this, because it's all about the surroundings and stuff, it might take you till middle school/secondary school to understand. (Again, no offense)

Now, back on topic.

We live in a world where Social Media is present.
YouTube, Google+, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

People on YouTube, like the famous The Diamond Minecart, might sometimes ask you what he should do. Maybe play another round of a mini game in the next video or something.

Unlike some other ones, they tend to make their OWN decision on what to play next.

That is because, Dan(TDM) wants to please the followers' request...
But take Keralis (my favorite YouTuber), he THINKS of what his followers WANTS to see. But the situation also depends on his life as well. Because he has a family, he needs to think TWICE, or even more!

Relating back to Hopscotch.

We've got @MagmaPOP and @SmileyAlyssa and @Rawrbear popping up in the featured column quite often nowadays.

From what I noticed, once @MagmaPOP left Hopscotch for a while. You ask, "Who made that decision?"

Answer is...

@MagmaPOP himself.

"Why did @Rawrbear change from being a complete remixer, to a complete innovator?"

Because he can...

"Who chose @SmileyAlyssa to call her that way?"

She did...

It's all THEIR thoughts. They WANTED to make it happen, so they MADE it happen.


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This is amazing! I love this! It was needed to be said.