Our 2016 goals for hopscotch



Here's my list! Plz don't alag!
List: get followed by @SmilingSnowflakes
I want to be able to make leave it trail people
And make my projects get a lot of likes
To be happy and have fun!
And post your goals!


Anyone else have a goal!


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This is a good idea! My goals:
Get followed by:

Projects: I want to be able to learn how to use sin and cos AND UNDERSTAND it!

Everyone: I want people to notice my projects, and understand my quotes.


I also want to finish all my drafts. I'm working on, "What Planet Are You?", "NEW 2016 MUSIC VIDEO", "CUPCAKE MAKER", and 4 more drafts.


Off topic:
I just plublish something funny that you should play here is the link!


Clear my drafts. I have so many I cannot load all of them on to my iPad.
For my projects to reach more people. I don't code for popularity, but I want my projects to be enjoyed by others.
To inspire others. I started Hopscotch a newbie, and now I make these huge complex projects that at the beginning I would have been awestruck. I want others to see my stuff and be like "I can do that!", and then do it.


Here are my goals

  • Learn sine and cosine

  • Improve HSB colors (yes I know it is silly but I somehow do not understand HSB)

  • Learn physics


Get followed by:
Finish my book.
I dunno


Let's get the second one done, what's your username?


AwesomeBlossom​:blush: Is my username you still on @IShallNotBeNamed


Yea, just followed u!


Thx are we allowed to chat can you be my coding partner @IShallNotBeNamed


I'm not that great at collabs, but I'll try. Although, better get some z's now... It's 12:17, and I have school tomorrow.


Oh your right see you tomorrow good night @IShallNotBeNamed