OUAT's Fading Away Topic


Hooray hooray, I have a plan.
I'm being more inactive, as you know already, and then I'll become so inactive that I, well..
Fade away.






Noo Yandere bean!!

Bye ;n;


bye ;n;
I'll miss you while I'm gone, you were chill :D



I'll miss ya too :blush:


aw you were a freezer
that chill
bye D:


I wasn't cool enough to be though...
Much bye D;


Bye ;-;

I'll miss ya frend;-;


Oh fwend
We will miss u


U stop overreacting

That was rude to just pint out that they were overreacting



@onceuponatime quote


I wasn't talking about @OnceUponATime. I talked to her this morning about why she wanted to leave the forum.... the topics are getting off-topic (lol) and things are getting crazy.


The forum will make it past this......
Farewell fren


Wait. The forum is still in the dark ages? But I made a whole topic about how it wasn't in the dark ages.


Oh, and I'll miss u onceuponatime! You're a good friend! Come back soon!


Bai fren… ;-;
You do need a break when you feel leike it


so I'm here
and I made a choice.
I'm not leaving hooray.
Not yet.
My plan is to try and be less active, and just at one point just disappear.
Great plan, right? :+1:


Hooray your not gone!

Good plan :blush:


But, just warning you, when I do eventually stop, it'll be for good.
I have other interests.